Dear Vice President for the time being and fellow board members,

I guess I was under the impression that we would be setting the agenda for our next meeting to address all of these issues. I am receiving the bill for legal fees and we can discuss during the next meeting along with everything else. As far as your resignation I won’t accept it for now. I don’t believe that we need to do credit reports on board members.  I believe that is a waste of time, it would be better spent on putting controls in place.  If you did do a credit check on me you’d find I’m cleaning up messes from my divorce–so it won’t look pretty anyway. If you were to evaluate my primarily with my employers not just the bank we utilize. End of story I have nothing to hide. I was also under the impression that Richard was looking for our status on other boards, organizations that might pose a conflict of interest in making decisions for Uganik.

I was patiently waiting to hear back from each of you with the fax, save Alyce so that we can get the cd out of your Dad’s name. Jody from Wells Fargo called me yesterday and thought she might have it resolved anyway.

The agenda items need to be outlined prior to our meeting and I just don’t get how communications broke down so quickly anyway that there was confusion that all of these issues would need to be addressed during our next meeting.

To Richard’s comments earlier that we don’t even know what has taken place with our funds while your Dad was in control–Clearly and that was hence the need for taking things back. Yes we established that we needed to get control of our banking over asap. But not to go on a spending frenzy. The next natural step is to establish our guidelines, and what if anything we need to access funds for. As far as I’m concerned that should be almost nothing, especially right now.

I’m happy to delegate, I just need a little extra time to get a hold of some local shareholders and have them do some of the leg work for us. Do they need to be paid? We’ll see. I think for right now we should just stay the hell out of having to take on any additional responsibilities such as tax liabilities, even just submitting forms, etc. until we figure out what our status is with the IRS.

And for the record….the only thing that I know of that our shareholders all want appears to be to go forward, to be informed and to actually have a functional corporation. If you think I took the reigns back for personal motivations other than it was damn long overdue and necessary you are truly confused and mistaken Sir Richard. The whole idea is to fix the corporation, not cause further damage or confusion.

We will accomplish this, because we just will.   If we all have good intentions and choose to work together it will be more than fine, acceptable and successful–you just watch.

So….all agenda items need to start flowing this way I guess, please.  We also need to determine how we’re going to hold our teleconference on that Friday after Thanksgiving. I would love suggestions, my brain is fried from a lot of work, kids, my own bills, lack of sleep and lack of food.