Kathy called me a little while ago regarding these final steps. She said that Bruce called her and said that the attorneys for the Am. Land Conservancy were offering to assist with this process because they’re interested in other AJV lands as well. Kathy says that both she and Bruce seem to feel that could hold up our process and she says finalizing things as they are should come at no additional cost to us.


Richard had already mentioned this to me and wanted me to give the American Land Conservancy and email okaying the shift to them. I fully recognize the desire to save money if having them help with this will do that. My only concern is that we make this decision as a board and think it through as much as time allows. Do we want to wait until after we speak with Tim early next week or if it means no extra cost to us should we proceed as planned already?


Kathy also mentioned that she does not obviously know where we are in the process of closing the deal with “The Environmentalists” so she said that maybe it could be expedited quicker than has historically happened.


If any of you would like to discuss this with her I’d say to give her a call 907-263-7299 and/or call Tim on his cell 202-352-1269 for a greater understanding. We could just wait until next week to discuss with him.


I was told Bruce will be in Anchorage on Friday to meet with Kathy to finalize this unless we say otherwise. I told her I’d get back to her as soon as possible.