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Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 22:12:30 -0700

I don’t know if anyone will figure out how to have a teleconference. but if they ever do here are some agenda items  I would like included. I would like them discussed and maybe some more proposals. I have no problem setting up the agenda or setting up the teleconference. if someone is to busy or whatever let someone else help and get things done we really need to quit procrastinating. do we have any kind of plan? these are my plans.  lets get some discussion going. this is just a rough draft I can get this cleaned up and ready for a special election if needed. Richard Simeonoff JR.

Proposed agenda Items


  1. Open elections:  every shareholder will should have an option of running for the board. Notification of all vacancies.
  2. Election of all officers with terms of more than 1 year, with qualifications. We should write into the bylaws qualification that includes conflict of interest clauses. (it would be unfair if someone was a board member on another competing board or a corporation that does not have the best interest of Uganik.  We also should qualify anyone that has access to money. We would not be very responsible with corporation money if we did not have some information or safeguards in place. A bookkeeper with transparent system in place would be another option. We should have some kind of file on the board at the very least a resume.
  3. I would like some safeguards for shareholder money. I would like anything that is investment or risk with Uganik money to go to a shareholder vote. (Here: is my explanation: Just because you have a president and board does not mean they have the knowledge or expertise make money, or they would already be doing so). Any money spending other than operating expenses should be put aside for shareholder distribution.  I am all for good ideas that can make money or benefit shareholders, but there has to be a business plan and some experience in proven money making ventures. Working for someone is not creating money. It is merely a paycheck.
  4. Corporate matters: I think it is the board’s responsibility to see that we goals. We have had over 3 months and we still don’t have any financial information from the past not do we have a current financial statement or liabilities or assets. We need a way to share information. (Unless someone thinks it it their personal corporation?) Every shareholder has a right to see all information every shareholder. I think this is the most important of all I would like to see this in the bylaws. If we don’t have the knowledge to scan documents maybe we can have some training. (it is simple and it doesn’t cost postage).
  5. Every board position should be a non-paying position. No per Diem no nothing but personal expenses. Or we need controls in place  (This will keep the career natives out from a free ride.
  6. Current Uganik lands: We have 1 square mile out in Uganik bay near village Islands I am very familiar with this land as I live out there for a couple of years.  We have several issues. First of all is the land that was occupied before the Alaska settlement they are Dunlop and maybe one more the other is Sonny Pederson’s home out there and Ronnie fadaoff.  I know Sonny has been paying his own taxes but I believe Uganik has paid the others.  This is one issue that still divides our shareholders. Some of the other corporations have gone to using 99-year leases.  The issue with the two homes is that they acquired land without a fair and equitable process. I don’t think this was done in malice it was done in ignorance, maybe by the whole board or whatever but it is done. How can we be fair to everyone? We should discuss this anyway. Here are a couple of options. Create leases them and they would be responsible to pay them. But what if they don’t pay? We have Ronnie’s house, (Edson is living there now and has not paid) Ronnie had a stroke and has never been the same. The Pederson property is by the only water in that area. He is claiming only 1 acre but the borough has a 5-acre minimum. All of these answers should not be answered by the board but by a unanimous vote. The other option is to divide the land up into parcels and give title to all shareholders. Some shareholders may lose their land to taxes and other could potentially sell it.  I am not sure of the legal status of the land since the borough can tax it it must be a liquid asset, but I don’t know.
  7. AJV I have seen a lot of smoke so far but nothing done without a lawyer. We need people who can get the job done without someone holding their hand. This is a business we are entrusted with getting the best deal for our shareholders. Unfortunately the most popular positions are not the best for business. I have no problem doing secretary work or any other project for that matter. All this typing for instance. Or scanning or reading to get the knowledge needed to get things done. ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!!  We really need someone committed to the job of getting things done within the board of directors.  One thing that must be taken of note:  AJV has been charging admission fees for land use. They are selling permits to land in which we have a stake in AJV. Just like a percentage of everything else we are entitled to a percentage of these fees.
  8. Discussion of documents that exist and how we can share them.