If we set up a teleconference I am sure much can be resolved. Such as all of your questions.

In business checking we presently have $28,322.33. We also have a “time account” with $24,855.30.

I have access to the bank account online and before I left for Memphis started printing off old bank statements. I have a little ways to go. The bank statements go back to June 2001 when Wells Fargo purchased NBA.

No one has spent any money whatsoever since hands have changed on the accounts this past fall.

As far as if Donene is “busy” or “leaves again” I’m sure much can be worked out reasonably and professionally.

And she has no conflicting interests that I am aware of nor should you be concerned with. She is not a member of Afognak Natives Inc.

I also do not think that Alyce nor Donene were trying to hold anything up by recommending we follow some basic and essential guidelines from Robert’s Rules of Order.

I would highly recommend that you find everyone to be on the same side of this fence…..Because we truly ARE.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” Albert Einstein 


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Subject: Uganik
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 09:23:49 -0700

I am not trying to be difficult, but we have many issues I believe need to be dealt with. we all know the big issue is AJV. but we also have operating issues. money issues. tax issues. shareholder issues land issues… ect…. How is money being spent. how much money do we have. what money is owed. what is our operating expenses do we have a computer do we have a scanner what is the procedure for reimbursement. how much if any per diem should we consider. It seems that after all this time we would have more answers than now. I commend Doneene for stepping up on some issues that are important. I heard talk of a $100 dollar disbursement, but no talk of assets and liability or current cash on hand.  It is great that Doneene has time right now but what about when she is busy or leaves again? we are dead in the water. what about the previous bank statements how was money spent in the past? it would be easy to hire a student to scan the documents and email them out. do we have a copy of quickbooks? Uganik cannot be ran as it has in the past.