Richard, have you changed your e-mail listing for me to


I have sent you bank statements,

I have acquired the taxes paid for the fadaoff and

dunlap properties for the past 18 years. that has been paid

for by the Uganik corporation.

No money has been spent yet by any of us, as you can attest to recent bank statements.-

I have sent bills for the attorney fees.

I am keeping receipts for anything I spend mailings etc. for your benefit and mine.

I am in contact with George Reith accounting, who has recommended I contact Pat Szabo to do our books, and will call this a.m. to talk to her.

I am also going to talk with Tim Richardson from the American Land Conservancy this morning and anything he proposes, I will make sure the board receives a copy.


As far as how was money spent in the past you have a better connect there then most of us, I would think?


I will make copies of the tax statements for those two properties  and I could fax to you.

Not privy to a scanner or high school student at this point in time.


I believe Ellen is working on a much needed teleconference.


If you would like to draft up a newsletter for the shareholders to read about what we’re attempting to do, that would be great.  I think they would appreciate being the the loop so to speak..



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Roberts rules is an excellent procedural process, we should adopt at least the basic principles. but the only rules we are actually binded to this time is our bylaws which only can be changed by a vote of the shareholders. we don’t want to get caught up in a procedural quagmire or be so technical as to make it more exhausting than it needs to be. but we should all be familar with roberts rules