Hi Donene,  Yes, I did receive your email with each of the Uganik Board Member’s email and contact info.  Attached please find the Uganik Option that Richard, Sr. signed with ALC and RMEF.  It is the same format that NOK and Shuyak signed.  As I mentioned we are awaiting the appraisal results on all the Perenosa Bay properties and it could be available soon.  As I wrote to NOK’s board, the politics are looking favorable for a transaction but the offering price is still unknown.  I will mail copies of my book on the Exxon Valdez to each of you so you can get a sense of my background.  I am also available by phone for the full board together or separately.  My phone number is 301-770-6496.  I’d want to include our partner, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation on a group call as well.  Tim Richardson, Alaska Program Director, American Land Conservancy.
UGANIK Option 1-8-07 Final