I have to say that I don’t doubt that Tim can produce a signed document but agree that we should get a copy of it.  I think should have an attorney assess the legal validity of a document.  I don’t think we can even consider accepting a cash settlement without disclosing this document.  However, keep in mind that even in a best case scenario where an attorney advises that the document is not legally binding, another attorney’s assessment could be quite different.


Richard does make a good point.  If we think the appraised value is way off, we have grounds for some recourse.


I’d like to hear what others think about having this document looked at by an attorney.  I hate to spend the $$ but I’m not sure we have a choice.


Also, we need to find out when the agreement was signed so we know when the agreement expires.  If the year “2007” is accurate on the agreement, the earliest the first time period expires would be July 1, 2008 (this assumes the agreement was signed on January 1, 2007).  Then, if there are grounds for an extension, the next date the agreement expires would be July 1, 2009.  Sigh.




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I know that Tim stated that Richard signed this document in his email but we’ll definitely need to see the signed copy and we could consult an attorney as to the legal validity of this document considering the circumstances. First of all none of the other board members even knew he was considering, much less entering into this agreement. What would each of you like to do?

Next question: Would you like me to simply draft/send a letter to AJV requesting an extension of time for our deadline so we can get our questions answered by an attorney and then proceed with requesting a cash settlement?