First of all the meeting is one you can participate in over the phone if the time doesn’t work for you then suggest another one. Sonny is not the person, it is Howard his son, or several other people. This is not about picking individual lands, there are major issues to address as a corporation, as shareholders equally. We have to all grow up and trust. People are capable of running the business. At what price? I am not responsible for his refusal to work with anyone else. It had to be addressed I have no animosity towards him, and I think you’ll find I have no intention of doing him any harm.

And I have said what I intend to do. Resolve the issues with AJV and form a new board that functions properly and then can grow the organization with input and involvement from all shareholders. To clean the slate–not necessarily the board, but to get us operational. We have no choice–I have said over and over again that we cannot do anything with the AJV issue without a two thirds majority shareholder vote–we have to be proven to be legit. And we cannot even hold elections or appointments the way we have in the past. And this isn’t about what Sonny wants period. There are no selfish issues. If you want part in forming a new board my recommendation would be that you think as part of a board that works for all of it’s shareholders. And I don’t have the issues with honest you are presuming, whatsoever.

So far all you have shown me is anger and mistrust yourself   I am not attempting to throw you off of the board and you have been incredibly frustrating to communicate with and you have no idea what my intentions would be I challenge you to rise above it all and participate in the teleconference and actually go forward, we have several vacancies on the board if your dad resigns and two if he doesn’t they need to be filled and we need to actually start conducting business Hope that I am honest that is hysterical



our attorney says there is a meeting on the 29th. what are you plans now? you know i cant afford to fly there so you will be having your board with sonny Peterson. he had the best pick of land on uganik and now he will be able to pick any new land. we should all be able to have a fair chance at beach front property. everyone I talked to say they want the money that is being offered. I don’t think anyone  is capable of running business.  I am glad you ran out my dad but at what price. you don’t ever say what you intend to do. nothing not a word. just like he did. I would like to be instrumental in forming a new board, although I think it should be alaska based. if your honest you will find out what everyone wants and not just sonny peterson. We all should get land to sell or do what we please. The board should serve the shareholders not some environmentalist
ideals. so far you haven’t shown me anything but the same anger and distrust that my dad exhibited. If I’m still on the board I should be able to attend. or are you having me thrown off. because I have different ideals. well all i can do is hope your honest