I think Richard raises some valid concerns.  I’d like to hear others’ responses to them.



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Ellen the main reasons for not advocating Allan Schmidt are the obvious conflicts of interest. The first being with Donene having a prior relationship with this lawyer. the second being he is currently representing other Native corporations that have an interest in the same money we are. also Donene Conflicts of being on the board of NOK definitely are a conflict. NOK wants to challenge their appraisal because they say ours appraisal was wrong. I have nothing against Donene, but we must act in the best interest of all shareholders  in this matter. with her inside knowledge of NOK and all the information  she potentially has we have seen very little on our end. this is not an accusation just my overall viewpoint. Allan has misled us previously and I find that in the best interest of our Corporation we stay clear. If this board does decide to use Allan I would say we have a clear description of what we want him or any other attorney to do.

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