Ok I talked with the lawyer and he gave me some me information I was looking for. I am attaching a word file in case you don’t have it. I have yet to read it but I will today. I am committed to working through this. I’m sorry if I am looking at the bigger picture of the shareholders “will” but we have all been cheated since day one. if you have plans you should share them if you don’t then just say so. this is not my corporation or any one persons. I am willing to go over potential directors with you. if you have any but I want a say also. because you live in kodiak does not give you any more right than me or anyone else. I will know more after I read this but I was not briefed properly. I didn’t know we have no choice!! that was made by my dad for all of us. I realize you may be as frustrated as me. I think we should have 3 local directors and 2 non I just want to discuss who we will nominate. that will give you local control over things that need to be done immediately. I just want to be involved. I don’t see why you wont work with  me. all it took the lawyer was one email and a phone call to clear things up. let me know if you willing to work with  me.