You ask many good and appropriate questions. As to the EVOS claim, I checked on it several months ago.  At that time the portion attributable to the AJV interest was about $260,000 and the portion attributable to the lands the old village was about $85,000.  Relative to the specifics on the settlement agreement, I have been waiting for board direction on it before I really got into it.  I would prefer to have the new board meet to discuss the document and come up with as many questions as it can.  Then, a representative of the board could go direct to the AJV or Afognak Native Corp to get answers to the non-legal questions.  This could help save funds.  I remain willing to get answers to legal issues which may come up.

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>>> Richard simeonoff <> 10/25/07 03:51PM >>>
Alan, I have read the settlement. I have some questions. what is the current value of the exxon valdez allocation?. I am a litte confused about the reforestation. we are liable for up to the date of june 30 1997? or is this somthing that in indefinite? is it is up until only 97 then, why do they need a lien on the 7I monies?. what is the current reforestaion cost? is there a projected balance sheet of assets vs debt on this whole deal? what is the current value of the land vs value at the time of 1997? how much money was the original offer for? (if we had the capablities at that time to make a decision). thanks I hope Im clear on my questions.
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