Thanks for taking the steps to deal with something I know you were hoping to address a little easier.  First of all just so you know I don’t usually respond very well to someone lashing out at me. Especially not when my plate is as full as it is and has been all year much less the past three years.
You need to understand, if you would that even back in early May I told you that we needed to hire an attorney to address this as efficiently as possible, in full legal compliance, covering our own asses as well as for the benefit of all the shareholders. Back then you told me no lawyers. And you really weren’t listening to me from my perspective.  I also knew quite well from being asked to attend meetings with AJV earlier this year and last that they really needed us to wrap it up now, and that it was up to a full shareholder vote with a majority agreeing on one of our three options.   When AJV got a hold of your Dad last year and after I was able to get him to call me once. He told them he wasn’t going to do it. Well we really don’t have a choice and I also knew we would have to prove our shareholder base which had not been accurately kept up to date in the past 10 years.

Aside from all that I also don’t feel like being sued because I did nothing to hold our President accountable to the shareholders nor to be blamed for anything he may or may not have done. I would imagine the same goes for you. We are incredibly fortunate we do not actually have the same hostilities amongst our membership that Leisnoi does or we’d all be in an ugly ass legal existence.

And FYI, as attorneys go–we have some incredibly decent human beings on board for us who have the experience we need to help us get back on our feet. The expense is worth it for our corporation and this was not my decision alone at the time. But yes I overrode both you and your Dad in what I consider to be yours and his best interest lest some other shareholder come along and start suing us all.

And whether or not I have the time, I feel an intense responsibility to this corporation  want to or not because Uganik is my HOME first and foremost, end of story. It is probably more my home and John’s (my bro) than it is anyone else’s on this planet. Hands down and if you want to talk about people being screwed out of anything, you can put my siblings and I at the very top of the list. But that’s another story.

I really also don’t believe your Dad’s reason’s for wanting to keep the land have anything really to do with sentiment. I believe they come from a solid understanding of that value on multiple levels. I don’t believe that it comes from silliness. Once you give up the land you have little left to work with. But, I don’t know that I particularly want to keep it myself. I first of all need to see all three options land, money or both laid fully on the table with all the benefits, consequences & implications right there as well. And regardless it is up to a majority shareholder vote–not you and I and a couple of other board members. What is up to us is to make sure all is above board, and that our shareholders are given all the information they need to make the best decision on this that they see fit. Once that decision is made we can decide what to do with our assets, if we end up with money–I am all for a decent distribution, setting money aside for the bare necessities of operations–annual meetings, necessary audits, taxes,etc But I’d also like to see us sock some away and start earning as much interest as possible so that we have a growing slush fund for our shareholders that continues to exist nice and fat–then we can look to being able to provide distributions. As for our Uganik land–I’ve been frustrated with the lack of info on that from your father for years. But lets look at it this way–he’s been protecting it all for us so that now when we do move forward no one is going to receive any level of partial treatment into the future and we might actually be able to access it or earn an income off of it somehow.

With these things in mind–I’d like you to stay on the board along with me. Prior to both of our tempers getting in the way of understanding and good communications I rather liked you and respected you. I look at our situation with this corporation and I question whether or not anyone else really even cares about Uganik (and I mean the place which is what truly matters in the first place) half as much as your father, you or I save my siblings who really haven’t been up for the task. And I am grateful for us being in these positions for that reason alone.  You may have different perspective. But I’d rather have a board of people who truly care about where they came from than people interested in becoming a corporation alone. I see us as responsible for our assets, our history and our shareholders interests for the future. We have an opportunity to start fresh–and I’m not talking about becoming Koniag or anything like it. I’m just talking about not being another shitty byproduct of ANCSA and cultural destruction–just going beyond it as people if that’s what we want.

I think that it could have been easier to discuss if you had not repeated the same questions in your email that I previously just answered or even just trusted me.

I am more than aware that we need to have an interim board to set this up.

There are two individuals here more than willing to work on it as well who have time.

They are Donend Tweeten and Margaret Roberts, both have extensive and successful histories working on Native Corporation issues/boards and with tribal governments. They would be exceptional candidates. They have no personal agendas that I can perceive. They are fair, honest and dedicated, and quite frankly No One here that I know of on our corp is interested in becoming an inflated business of a corporation. They just want to be able to move forward and proceed.

I don’t know that I want to be President. I don’t know that I wouldn’t. I suppose if you’re suggesting it for the interim then yes. I believe that makes the most sense from an inside point of view. Otherwise I’m not so sure, but….I’m open to positive progressive changes. For how long??? That depends.  I want to have to do as little extra outside of work and home that I have to.

I am already on the Koniag Shareholder committee which meets quarterly–that is for another 15 months at least. I’m also on the Woody Island TC Higher Ed Scholarship Committee–that meets quarterly and I’m on another local Board that meets monthly and I have just taken on the role of Treasurer which is going to involve a bit of work, the previous treasurer is one of our attorney’s and he has been working his butt off donating all of his time for over 10 years basically acting as a primary supervisor/check point for the Director of our local recycle plant. Plus work, plus kids with work, school and sports all year long. Plus I work a bare bones minimum of probably 45 hours a week at my real job–and this business is essentially mine to run and worry about. None of this includes being a decent mother, bothering to pay my own bills, clean my home and maybe consider enjoying myself without feeling guilty because I’m slacking on my home life to do so.

If you want my perspective on board appointees here it goes–I would keep yourself, & myself, appoint Alyce, Margaret & Donene–the last two have the time and experience to dedicate. I believe Alyce is incredibly intelligent, hardworking and fair and located closer by than your brother. I do not know him well enough to hold any perspective whatsoever. I’m going with what I know. Howard, not Uncle Sonny would like to help/learn and beyond his few rather humble statements about his capabilities–his intentions seem good at least on the surface. When you start needing to control the behavior of people you may not even know without giving them some level of trust you’re heading down the road your father was on–through good intentions on anyone’s part or otherwise–at some point you must trust to move forward. Slapping down someone’s interest to find resolution is unnecessary even if we do not appoint them to the board, he will still be likely to show up to meetings and educate himself/participate.

I also hold no level of hostility nor ill intentions towards your father. I just had to move us forward. I believe I could’ve taken many less desirable routes than were taken. But that is something I would never do. I have no intention of holding him to the fire for anything, we just need to move forward. And I will do my best to ensure no one else wants to waste, time, energy and money on harassing him.

I’m wasting valuable work time at the moment so I’ll just zip it for now.

We CAN WORK Together. I know this because I am choosing it.

And yes I am an idealist.

I look forward to your call and to moving ahead.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ellen