If you had the courage and maturity to call in to our meeting you would have known what was taking place.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” Albert Einstein 

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The best thing for the shareholders is to accept the money from AJV, and distribute it to the shareholders. The only shareholders that would disagree with this is your friends who want to practice running a business. normal business need a business plan and some verified experience to start and operate a business. or they start and run their business on there own money or their customers money. I don’t what you do as far as my dad is concerned. anything that happens to him is his own doing. I don’t think the current board is legal in any way. we have not had an election in many years. I did have a problem attacking my dad but I don’t have any problem with anyone else. I am sure that the shareholders want the money and don’t want a few people pretending to be business people with their money. you have show no valid plan, nothing. if you people were capable you would be running your own profitable business not working for someone else. we have not gotten any money in over 10 years. you  are frustrated with me because you don’t give any information. I know we need a vote of the shareholders to conclude business with AJV. I also know that there is a  money offer and a land offer. my dad thought the money was not enough, but I urged him to take the money. he has too many sentimental feelings towards the the land. the big question is what is your plans when it comes to the proposed vote.
I propose that we accept the money and distribute 75% to the shareholders Immediately. use the rest for corporate operating expenses. Any future money from 7i will be distributed 75% to shareholders and the remaining for operating expenses.

what is your proposal? accept the cash. give out 500 to each shareholder. spend the rest playing business? do you have any plan? I’m sorry but you have told me nothing so far that has anything to do with a plan. how do i get the address  of all the shareholders? do I need to hire a lawyer? is my dad still on the board? if he is he should be voted off immediately. I also want to nominate alyce roberts and john crawford to the board. I’m sorry if this doesn’t fit into your plan. whatever that is.