Could you please voice your opinion without being so incredibly unnecessarily dark and unbending please.

What do you really think is going on here? Your father had total access to funds for 10 years. Alan was not selected nor hired by AJV attorneys. They offered to front the money to our corporation to get things going so we wouldn’t risk losing what we stand to gain. Determining the best route to take is ours. We clearly at this point can limit the involvement of the attorney.

Why it is that I have to go back to restating so very many of the same things over and over again I cannot understand.   Donene does not have in conflicting interests that I am aware of. I hold .553 shares of NOK stock that I inherited, hardly a dent anywhere else. I have no interest in doing this for the money, I have never been about money in my life, if I was I’d certainly have a heck of a lot more materially because I hardly lack in aggression, determination and drive, I simply have other concerns.

I’m not sure where this is all coming from, but if you plan to be an effective director of this board you might want to take the assumptions and set them aside and be at peace. We probably have the least greedy of any shareholders in this region, possibly in the entire state of AK, and I state that with some pretty intense confidence. Feel damn fortunate, just look at Leisnoi for about 1 minute, we could be in their boat or worse, your Dad could be being sued right now.

Please calm down, if we need to hold a teleconference then fine, but Donene is getting ready for surgery at the moment. If you would like for the 4 of us to talk. Say so.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” Albert Einstein 


Subject: waste of shareholder money
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 10:37:07 -0700

ok I for one don’t think this is going so good. I don’t think Schmitt is operating in our best interest. I would like to know who is approving his charges? under what restrictions is he operating? He admits that he was hired by Afognak to get the settlement approved. what is his directive? I don’t know what “overlapping terms” have to do with anything. these telephone meeting are useless and a waste of time. We need people to start communicating. Saying the lawyers name over and over in the meeting is not getting anything done. We don’t need a lawyer that has a passive relationship with AJV this will only get us screwed. I for one am not willing to bend over while they try to screw us. We had better start setting up some corporate rules, and not in a phone call. We need directors that are above reproach, that are not part of other corporations that may have a conflict of interest. I only hold Uganik stock and koniag stock and have no other interest but to get the best deal for Uganik. We should have a resume for all the board members credit reports for any that have access to the money. and a way to share that information with the shareholders. you may not like my ideas but at least I have some. and I am willing to say them without regard to anyone else’s opinion of them. so far I only see darkness and more of the same old screw the little guy mentality. when I have more time I’m going to start writing up some of these written consent forms with an eye on protecting shareholder rights. NOT AJV RIGHTS!