That’s “Sis” to you when just the two of us are communicating!


I agree that these issues are not for you to decide.  That’s why I think they should be added to the agenda for our next meeting.  We also have the option to choose which issues can and should be decided by the board and which issues should be presented to shareholders for a vote.  I’ll think about the credit rating.  I really have no interest in being a signer on the account and therefore have no problem stepping down as VP.  I do think someone else should be a signer and perhaps you should fill the role as VP.  I only agreed to because you wanted more active involvement by members in Alaska.  Just say the word.


Okay, that’s it for now.






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Subject: RE: waste of shareholder money


Alyce, Its not for me to decide I am only trying to get issues brought up. you have excellent Ideas a good way to communicate them. sorry if I’m not so polished. I don’t know what if anything we should require of directors with power to spend. I think we need to address it. but a financial statement seems harsh a credit rating maybe but we need to discuss these things. I think your Ideas are great. We should all be doing this. Its hard to get a point across on the phone in a  meeting. I think they are also necessary but more Important is that we Communicate, set goals, direction and participation. we have allot of Issues.

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