Thanks Richard.Oh believe me I’ve considered letting Alyce take over for me already and I may just do that. I’m thinking all should be okay once Donene’s back but we’ll see. I’m trying to get my life under control. I do have full support of the owners. They’re just in Anch and the lower 48 and aren’t here day in and out. But they’re helping as much as they can. The issues are that I’m dealing with what deteriorated under the previous GM. It’s not that we don’t have set policies and procedures and protocol. We do, it just hasn’t really been adhered to by much of the staff. That’s everything from sales to broadcasting. He was too young and didn’t enforce anything with his employees, nor was he strong enough to understand or back up our cost per unit, he just didn’t really get it. He gave shit away right and left and made up for the lack of two of his employees, prior to that of up to 4 of his employees. Which is the bulk of them. It’s tough because two of them have been there for three years and I feel like I need to give them a chance to climb on board fully because they were never really given the opportunity before, and yet, they could have taken it on themselves. It’s a little harder in a small freakin’ town and keeping things publicly smooth. We shall see how it goes, the bottom line is they have to grow up cause I’m not in my twenties and stupid, therefore I will not do their jobs for them. If they don’t they can see themselves out the door. But also in large part with the broadcasting portion that we’re working on now, both the ops guy and I are learning together, although my learning curve is much quicker and I give more of a shit period. I finally got some sleep this weekend so I have been going through my paperwork at home to get it all together for Uganik and otherwise. Hell, I found two checks I received in July that I never opened on Saturday. That’s how behind I am on a personal level. It was much calmer yesterday and today though. How are you?Ellen  “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” Albert Einstein  From: rsimeonoff@hotmail.comTo: ellensimeonoff@hotmail.comSubject: happy thanksgivingDate: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 18:11:24 -0700