Well, I’ll sign and fax to you, and we’ll just continue from there. I’m quite certain no one will have issues discussing the money. As for what we’re doing with it. I have no plans other than to pay the difference with our legal bills at the moment. Until we have our collective hooey together what could give anyone the idea we should be spending money on ourselves I don’t know, I fully realize a lot of time will need to go into this, but the idea is to fix everything, not use up what little funds we have. We’ll also have to pay the auditors, hence the reason that we’ll need to access the cd which is currently somehow only in your father’s name unlike the funds in the regular account.


We can discuss the spending of money at our next meeting and should.


I seriously doubt you’re the minority, but neither Donene nor I have any intentions of making off with money. She has a pretty impeccable reputation and is a rock solid individual, she ain’t in it for the money.


I haven’t spent a moment’s thought on even considering that you, Tollak or Alyce being about using this as your own personal cash cow nor seeing any of you or of us as wanting to spend excess money on this. At the moment I have a stacked plate on both the personal and work levels and I don’t travel down roads like that without a careful plan. I am also newly appointed the Treasurer for Threshold Recycling which is a non-profit corp that is growing like crazy and that job has previously been held by someone who has been donating his time for years to this organization and does a tremendous amount of work for the org. I will have a multitude of increasing duties over the coming months between all these things I’ve got going and I’m questioning how crazy I am at this time because I’ll have no compensation for any of it, other than the skills, , contacts, relationships and end result of my investment. With Threshold I’m not sure how things will go because the prev. treasurer was essentially the Director’s and the bookkeepers supervisor and primary point of contact. This should be interesting.


I realize you are just being careful, cautious and responsible.


Thank God for that!