TO: Richard Simeonoff Jr,

Hey here I am again, I did a big mistake, I emailed a message I thought was going to you, responding to her as signing off as the Radio station manager, not as the

CEO of Uganik Bay Natives, I also said that that would look like fraud, I also said

my feelings when I called the Attorneys office, I didn’t feel good about their ans-

-wers, not a good feeling, that maybe we should replace the Attorneys as well.

They  (the Attorneys) are working for her not the shareholders,that is my gut feeling,so we need to replace them as well, that is what AKI, did when Clida Led-

-ger took over the helm, she replaced the Attorneys.

I didn’t like the response she gave you, ( not even worthy of a response) .

I hope we can just move in and take over, since they weren’t elected, then tighten up the rules so if someone try’s to discredit anyon, it will come back to them.

Did I mess up?


Ralph S. Rastopsoff


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we need to hire an accountant. we have to quit trying to call people and wait for them to call back this is important. if we need to have all the taxes filed then we must do it now. I know you dont have the time to do this. please let someone who has time do this. . We have to hire an accountant period no  way around it. I have said that from the start.

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