I agree with you on this, let us work for the shareholders benefit,

so the sooner we get this done the better,then we can relax, it is to bad this wasn’t taken care of sooner, so we all could have a good, “Christmas.”

“Thank you again Richard.”


Ralph S. Rastopsoff

I’ll send you a letter, instead of sending it by email, to many prying eyes.

It has to do with patented land, we have it in writing, from our dads Attorney

and on paper from  BIA, before Rose Brady took over, we also lived on it before,

they had a bad fire, it was called “Carmel,” on the Ayakulik river,123 acres on

both sides of the river, from the mouth up.

People used to come and ask our dad if they could go across the land, I’ll

stop here and put it in writing.

Thank you.


From: Richard E Simeonoff <>
To: Ellen Simeonoff <>; Alyce Roberts <>
Sent: Monday, December 8, 2008 7:10:43 AM
Subject: Re: RE:

We have not had any consensus on this plan. I have not heard back from the board members if we will move forward with this plan. before we work on the proxy we should make sure we want this to be the intent of the proxy, once we have the intent we can draft the proxy from the existing one. Mary works for the United States Attorney and she can help  get the intent written into the proxy. but we do need to have everyone on board. also attorney friends of ours can look at it for no charge. so ??? should we proceed?