Subject: Uganik ShareholdersUganik shareholder addresses
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 11:06:33 -0900

Hope this is what you need.  I do apologize for the delay, I have been swamped as never before.  Hopefully you are able to open up the attachments


Sorry about the mix up and not realizing that you had more pages.  Plus many of the shareholders you have listed are not listed as Uganik Shareholders so that is why their names were not included.  Such as there is no listing for Cary Torsen or Julie Torsen as Uganik Shareholders.  They are listed as Ouzinkie Shareholders in our records, but their addresses are as follows:

Carey Torsen 09-370-30464-03 2626 Cordova St #3 Anchorage AK  99503

Julie Emma Torsen 370-30464-02 P O Box 1222 Kodiak AK  99615

Donene Marie Tweten 09-262-30468-01 is listed as a NOK Shareholder, her address is P O Box 853 Kodiak AK  99615

Christopher Roy Shanagin Sr. 370-23401-08  (Ouzinkie shareholder) 317 E 16th Apt 3 Anchorage AK  99501

Peter Michael Shanagin Sr. 370-23401-04 (Ouzinkie Shareholder) 2610 Mill Bay Rd C-01 Kodiak AK  99615

Patricia Margret Luttrell 548-34588-01 (At large shareholder) 37029 Ash St Newark CA 94560

Henry S Smith 09-584-30741-38 (no ss#) Address unknown, no info on him at all?  Has been missing for ever

Deceased shareholder listings
William Apalone, Sr 09-584-30460-61 DOD 8/9/97

Roy Wolkoff Sr 370-30462-01 dod 10/7/06 (Ouzinkie shareholder)

Carl Panamarioff  262-30461-02 dod 8/28/91 (NOK Shareholder)

Agnes Smith Charles 548-30741-31 dod 9/23/83

Dorothy smith Lee 584-30741-32 dod 1/1/98

Charlotte Rizzonnelli 09-584-30741-34 dod 6/2/03

John I Smith Jr 09-584-30741-35 dod 11/11/91

Kenneth S. Smith 09-584-30741-36 dod 5/9/92

Henry Smith 584-30741-33 (574-03-2026) did 4/15/87

Clarence O Smith 09-584-30741-39 dod 5/13/02

June Cabais 584-30460-31 dod 4/8/03

Charlotte Ernestine Smith 584-30741-30 dod 1/24/07

Sean Smith 584-30741-41 dod 6/21/04