making the world another day in paradise

Wow i just dont know anymore.  wasting money on google ads, I think it is a rip off, the money just flies out of my hands. I hate to blame El presidente but who else, me hahahaha dont be silly. 

I do not think Biden is competent to be a dishwasher, me either, but that is me, I’m not leading the richest nATION ON EARTH!!

o HEY A DISCLAIMER. I  was talking about the last time I drank, my disclaimer: I Never ever sold one drug, EVER. I worked my whole life and mostly drank, too poor to do too many drugs, except when eye got a little help from my friends, but mostly I was against them, as I had no money honey. cant buy much cocaine when you working for min wage, or menial labor. So I have been doing good things with my body, i THINK IT looked better at 195, because of the loose skin, at 195 the loose skin and cellulite gets plumped out. :)    I have to come up with a plan. I dont think I can go to Alaska and work. my sweet mary was mad as a hornet. I got in trouble. I think im off the hook for now. I dont know how I am going to get money down here, cant work for the Indians, or the Amigos, and im 50/50 working for the white man. I know they say I am white too, its 50/50  but I like to get my tan on, so be it, let it be written.

Hey what an old man to do. you know I feel young as fk.  I really do. i have been eating minimal food.  but I feel mighty.  A little edgy, but smarter, faster, free.  

i just hope I can hold up, I am using this dont give a shit mentality. not exactly…  it is this why worry about what everyone is doing?  I have put the battle into a few compartments and treat them as ONE. when I am hungry, I think about my emotions, my worries, and combine them to do what is best for me.  to be happy. does that make sense?  or can you spare some cents? 

I feel shunted. for me there is so much opportunities in Alaska. I really should have never left. Arizona is the land of opportunity for rich people or Mexico’s people. I have been competing with them ever since i got here, and they have 5 to my one for the same price.  All the companies use them, the whole union is full of them: 30 to one. lol im not complaining, it is what it is. I am happy. be happy. you know what.  if I can get a few of the jobs for what these larger companies are charging, I could make bank out of here. anybody can do a project when its marked up 200%  try doing it at 20% markup because you dont have a hundred thousand to spend on Advertising. I will survive, claw my way out again and again. I was thinking maybe take a fun job like bartending, not mising just filling up beers, and no dish washing :)   hahahhahah fool for myself.

ok that is enough play for today,  I have to work on my google bullshit. man they really try to rip you off, “we need to learn you ads”  WHAT? are you kidding me. ching ching ching for them. they have you do these setting where it shows up anywhere and everywhere. click click click  $$$$ gone gone gone. I need to wise up. anyway I have a clue to it right now. gots to change my water pump on my Beamer, mustang auto refused to work on a BMW, and I do not trust anyone else. so it me, the mechanic again. also have to reset my trucks brain, have to put a new on in and retrain it. cross your fingers for me.  man I want to go hunting and just drive around in a skiff. my dream job is to never work again. just hunt fish and camp. and watch tv with my sweet Mary