Happy birthday Bianca!! today is my First Grandchild’s birthday, life is good.

My daughter Shavon was born 6-8-1984, and she had a daughter on this day in 2003

This is all bittersweet for me. Well actually it is all sweet, I am still ecstatic today as the day I found out, therein lies my dilemma, you see, I was unaware of having a daughter in 1984, or a Granddaughter 10/11/2003, looking back at that time, where was I? my Uncle Fred died in Kodiak

July 21, 1984     Hal Dierich, Jack Johnson, Harold Martin and Fred Monson were lost in a plane crash near Black Point, Spruce Island.

Where was I? I was in Kodiak, fishing on the Bertha Marie for Ivar Malutin, the crew were Gene Delgago, Ivar called him Pineapple, because besides being from Ouzinkie, he also had family in Hawaii

let me see, who Else was on that crew, I know Neil Von Scheele, and his step son Duckie, My uncle owned and ran the Denae Marie, it was a sad time, Uncle Fred was my favorite Uncle, he used to take me Snow Skiing up to Snoqualmie pass.

By the year 2003, I had been sober since 1995, so about 8 years.

So, I am somewhat detached from my new found family, yes, it is a fine needle to thread. this blog post, perhaps, my only outlet, I know little about this family, yet know so much, on a human side..

I legitimate Grandfather, that had been there from the get go, from the birth of her Mom, and her birth, I was at the 3 other kids births, even Jt, who was born in our Nissan, outside the old Alaska Native Center, the last of an ERA, when Shavon was born, I was living the life of a fisherman, I was all in, well kinda sorta, the Bars in Kodiak, were open until 4, 5 am and repopen at 6am, I was drunk, except when fishing or in between drinking (hungover) I remember those days were about everybody sharing the wealth, we borrowed to drink, payed back and drank some more, usually ended up at the breakers or the….. my memory fails me. these bars had no cut of or minimum. drinking was a way of life.

I digress, No my point, I have little influence over this newfound family, but in all truth, little infuence over my other 3 kids, but more

What would be my influence? well here is my chance 🙂

17 years young, young adulthood, the start of many years of attaining, the next level, 17, then 18, 20, 21, then it starts jumping up 25, 40…. you get the point

My best advice, learn to enjoy, “MOMENTS” soak them up, goodtimes, let them really just absorb, and at the same time, let the tough times fade from memory as fast as possible, we all must ride out our tough times, dont let yours define you.

Remember the thirsty rule, water only taste good, if your thirsty.

This is also the time of the boys, there will always be time for that nonsense, now is the time to get to know yourself, to see how you feel about the world. find out what you like to do, and hopefully make a career out of it. Imagine, where you want to be in 2 months, 6 months, a year, ten years.. Imagine what you can accomplish dream big


that is my best advice in a nutshell

grateful to have at least contributed to your genome, and remember, no matter what

I will always love and protect all my family to the best of my ablity,until the day I die. that you can take to the bank. Have a Great Birthday, and give your mom a big hug and tell her that her dad Loves her, I am her dad 🙂


uncle Fred boat