Weekends are not really great for me.  I tend to get involved in family activities and simply forget about meetings and other appointments.  I know it is a personal problem but it is and has been a real problem for me.  If weekday meetings are truly a problem, I will do whatever I can to remember the meeting.  I am usually not available on the weekends between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and noon.  Anytime after that should be okay.




From: Ellen Simeonoff [mailto:ellen@kvok.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 12:22 PM
To: ‘Alyce Roberts’; Alyce Roberts; donenetweten@yahoo.com; tweten@ptialaska.net; ‘John Crawford’; ‘Richard simeonoff’
Subject: Next Meeting



Hey All,


We’ve managed to miss several tele-meetings, so…..I’m going to attempt to reschedule. That week Donene called Mon night, John called Thurs night and Donene called Saturday.


Haven’t heard a thing from Tim Richardson yet.


Jana should get back to us asap.


  1. We need to draft a letter & proxy for our shareholders to vote on asap. Because April and May will dissolve rather quickly.


  1. For our next meeting we need to go over the shareholder list and confirm it’s all a go.


So….here are some days/times that could work for me…..let’s all figure out what will work for everyone.


I’m thinking a Saturday or Sunday rather than week nights due to the time difference issues and work projects for Richard?????  Input is most appreciated.


My next two weeks are insane with workload and other meetings but I am adaptable.  I am free this weekend. Not free the evening of the 17th. Not so free the next weekend. Not free the 25th evening. Maybe busy the weekend of the 29th but can work around it.


How about the 15th or 16th? Morning, afternoon or evening????