This is my Village, well not mine. We started with 30 and are up to 100

I have lived out here with my  dad a few years at a time, alternating from here and Woody Island, this has a special place in my heart as with many of my family

The reason is my grandparents Kelly and Natalie Simeonoff, they both grew up in Kodiak and had a house there and in Uganik. they operated a fish net site and every summer our families would come out and stay. They had 3 set net sites, well at least 2, I think one of them was a subsistence at the cottonwood site, which is where they lived. The story can be heard from my granny’s recorded audio files, which are here onsite. Most of my cousins stayed at the Cottonwood site, my Uncle Peter fished the Toshwak site across the bay. I remember him as a strong nice man, I was pretty young when he passed, a couple of years after uncle Freddy died in Nam. One Summer my whole family drove up the Alcan and fished East point, it is  exposed to the weather and bear abundant. We used to eat seagull eggs and fish, and lots of powdered Milk. The summer and Eagle was stalking the Seagull chicks, and to ward off the Eagle, my dad shot at it, unfortunately he hit it, unintentionally. he captured it and put it in  a box like cage, we used to try to peek in, but it was a scary mean looking bird. most of the chicks did not make it, but one time a bird kept coming back year after year, my mom knows more on that story.  I remember we had a bear scare one time, a big one was near the tents, My brother Tollak was all alone with us younger kids, he is 4 years older. The scary part, we were not living in cabins, but tents made of canvas. There are lots of bears our there, but for the most part they want nothing to do with humans, the Rohrer Bear Camp is in Mush bay, or somewhere near there. I remember one time, my dad was off who knows where, and Teddy Pestrikoff was giving us a skiff ride home, (I remember the skiff rides, they were often brutal going around the corner) the engine quit, or as they call them “Kickers”  instead of outboard, anyway Teddy rowed us all the way over, not sure if  he then rowed back across, perhaps I will check and make an edit. We used to play an roll on a hill of grass located near the tents, This is also where we learned about hard labor packing water and sand for candy bars. I also remember during this trip going to a creek and catching salmon as they were running up in shallow streams. the one other thing that I really remember was my penchant for sugar, one time I ate so much sugar I got sick, I was eating it right out of the bag. Then there was the time me and my brother Kelly were hiking near the stream, and out of nowhere a bunch of wasp/bees, hornets, not sure but I had stings all over my face. I killed bees for years after that, now not too often. We had toys too, I am not sure but my cousin Ronnie Fadaoff and Teddy would make cars out of wood and corks off of the nets, they were fun. I must also note, that we drove up the alcan 5 kids 2 dogs and a goat, yes a goat.

I remember brother Tollak saying he made  a big “BRUNO”   funny how we remember the silliest things

The house that they had out there had a toilet, running water, and even had some stream generated electricity, they even had a washing machine, the house eventually went to ruins as nobody else was wiling to take care of it after my father got married and left Uganik.