I have received more maps from Tim Richardson. He called me and we talked about half an hour. sounds like they are really interested in the waterfall property. I have attached the maps that I have, if they are too big let me know and I can send them individually. Tim Richardson is a very shrewd businessman. he asked some very open  questions and I told him that anything I say would only be the opinion of one board member. He is hard on this sale. he was using fear tactics and was very much intent on closing a deal on this. His biggest threat was this one time deal and we will go to other corporations and deal with them. for one thing the state park they are looking to expand into that bay would be broken up and that does not seem like they would want to do this, but I told him we just need more information and we need to work with the board to see what would be the best solution for Uganik. I personally would like to sell some of the land if we could get a fair price, but I am not in favor of selling everything and all rights to all the land. I hate to use an analogy but I don’t think we want to sound like starving dogs that will take anything they can get. I also requested information on the past deals including location, price and acreage,then he called and I talked to him and felt I was being sold a used car. I think we should be very carful what we say to him as far as commitments. these maps he sent are ok as pic files go. I told him that for the most part  we are just hearing this information of  land sale to them and that my father was operating without the power of a board of directors. He was definitely not because the first I heard of this was when Doneene sent out the newspaper clipping and told us of Tim Richardson and the others. I feel they want this land bad and will find the money to purchase it and the lowest possible price. I had sent the letter to him that you had received and like a classic salesman he had a counterpoint to anything that didn’t mean sell. He is not a Uganik shareholder or board member but he has more information that the whole board combined. he even countered the cheap car thing. Here are some of my counterpoints that I used on the phone.( I emphsised these were only one board members opinion). he says we will not lose the land because we have the other uganik land. (The Uganik land and the rasberry straight land is barren treeless land). I also emphsised the value of all of kodiak Islands land home to the world famous Kodiak bear in zoo’s all over the world. he says the land is clearcut and of no use to any investors or cruise companies. The world is a shrinking place. and land values continue to skyrocket. Green thinking and animal and forest conservation is a major concern of a lot of people with deep pockets. people who a few million dollars is like a 20 to one of us. land near my home which is next to a National forest is selling for up to 200,000 for one acre. this is uninproved land without water electric and bad water suplies. The main thing I emphsised to him was that we are a new board and need more information. specifically the exact locations and prices of the previous lands with exact acreage. I believe they think they are dealing with some country bumkins that can be easliy manipulated. he has said he will be getting the information but was going on a trip. I think he has this information readily availble we have to have to make in informed decision.

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