Kathy & Everyone,


  1. I believe Alyce can get you the retainer fee. Wiring instructions would be good though.
  2. Will see if I have a final signed copy of the AJV agreement
  3. I do not recall if we approved these revised Bylaws. Someone’s gonna have to jog my memory here or I’m going to dig through meeting minutes.
  4. See Attachments—Shareholder names are attached, Donene has the most recent list with any corrected mailing addresses, I’ll give her a call, or stop by her house to pick up later–she’s in Tuscon seeing the doctor. For now this list is a good start.

Board of Directors—John Crawford, Richard Simeonoff Jr., Alyce Roberts–Vice President, Donene Tweten–Secretary/Treasurer, Ellen Simeonoff–    President

  1. CPA–I believe we are going to use Altman, Rogers & Company locally to do our financial audit. We did go through Emerald Isle Tax Service to straighten out our books just recently. Will either of them work? We can discuss this.
  2. Will confer with the other board members and meeting minutes to clarify whether or not we’ve made that official through a meeting. Great response I know. 🙂 You mean schedule our meeting to approve this proxy by Wed or Thurs???
  3. Location, date and time of the meeting. I’ll give Donene a call and find out a confirmation. I believe she was suggesting to have us do it in the Natives of Kodiak Conference Room with respect to it’s price–free and location.
  4. Bruce Edwards phone number is on the attached letter—-here’s his email address…..bruce@sorensenandedwards.com


Comments and input are welcome from all of you on all of these points.


I look foward to hearing from you.


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