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First of all you seem to be discounting any time that I have spent working on things.  I have spent numerous hours reading materials, drafting letters, and more recently a form so that you can get paid for your trip.  Also, I was available and standing by to attend the meeting by telephone.  I delayed other plans to be available and was prepared to be present during the entire meeting.  However, somebody else was not prepared for the meeting and therefore, two board members were waiting on the line listening to dead air.  Who knows how long we would have waited on the phone before anyone thought to notify us that there was no phone.


As for Ellen and her bills, while I feel sorry for her and her situation, it would be unethical for me to propse paying her any corporation funds to supplement her income.  What about all the other shareholders going through rough times?  Should we send a few checks out for them?  Would it be fair?  No.  So please don’t argue this point to me again.  It holds no water.


Lastly, I am done arguing with you over this.  I have stated my point of view.  You have stated yours.  We are in disagreement – period.  End of story.


As Donene said herself, this and all other matters must go to a vote.  All you have to do is make a motion and take a vote.  We already know that the three of you will prevail.  Just make the motion and take the vote and you’ve won.


I simply do not understand your reluctance to take a vote.  I don’t get it.  Take the vote and settle the matter.  I will not quit working on the board.  I will also not begrudge any of you for out voting me.  I will however feel I stood firm on something I strongly believe and will be relieved to have my vote reflect that.


THIS IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY ON THIS.  Please don’t ask me to compromise my position anymore.


Let’s move on.






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Date: Friday, July 11, 2008, 6:35 PM

I still donʼt feel that this amount for the meeting is way out of hand. for one thing we have been doing a lot of work on our own time during business hours. leading up to this meeting. attended board meetings working on this partition process, reading all the material. for all the work we have done it seems petty to quibble over 100 for a meeting. I would say yes if that is all we had done up until now is attend one meeting. I know Donene has done a lot of legwork getting things to fruition and must feel like we donʼt value her work at all.  and maybe we donʼt. but if they had not done what they had done we would have had to do it. This meeting was really important and Tollak opted not to attend, which is understandable. but for those of us that go the extra mile to attend. on a Saturday after doing all the work up to that point not just the meeting itself. for 100 dollars when the stakes are 2 million dollars it seems petty to  worry about that. the money we have saved itself justifies that. Nobody is talking any bid paychecks or large stipend  the shareholders that did attend the meeting were in support of the board receiving compensation. with a meeting once  a year this is hardly overspending. now is the time we need everyone working together if it takes  a hundred dollars. then it is worth it. are you willing to start doing all the work for free and attend the annual meetings. We are all working toward the final payday. but we should no undervalue that work the other shareholders will get everything without lifting a finger. even this email is wasting my time. if I had to do this on my jobs I would go bankrupt. I still do not trust Ellen or Donene motives but we need them to work on this for us to get the land and operations into the articles of incorporation. I know Ellen does not make much money. her cable was not paid and she had her hot water turned down to lukewarm. I really wish you would have attended the meeting. and I know you cant help out while your at work , but I have been doing these things at the expense of my business. and Ellen has been doing things during her work hours and personal time. the more work we do as a Corporation for 12 per hour can save us thousands of dollars, and the shareholders. it makes good business sense.