Granny talks of bears, a goat, cannery jobs, travel, adversity, Cancer, positive thinking, God, eating bear meat in, ahkiok, here by happenstance, depends on individual, dad and gramps enter room. She talks of being liked, but liking herself, not being depicted as devious. Wanted kids to be good people, close family. Stepping in after family disturbance between siblings. Happy big family 24 grandchildren. Richard has a child, eldest son, namesake, youngest having babies. Natalie Aleut, having baby. Uganik: statehood. Fish traps, livelihood, gill nets. Almost wiped out by fish traps. Gramps always dreamed of living out of town, Freddy went to Sheldon Jackson. Watchman at cannery at Uganik. 14 miles from cannery cottonwood. Fish in summer. Grandchildren in summer.  2 of them.  Male nurse? Mick? Natalie and Diana, always. 1960 to 1974 six months a year, lost boys Freddy 71, Peter 1973-4 memories too strong, too much time. Work at Native association. Health career counselor, $750 a month, health director 25k. reached level of own incompetence. Back to school to proceed. Alaska Native Land Claims, we had to be corporate, no understanding of it, some could handle it, with more moxie. Nervous over the being on president. Many hats. Travel back and forth to Anchorage. Her and gramps like to be together. She loves gramps dearly. Mutual admiration. Revel in her kids. Living through children. Afraid to lose ability to rationalize. Alzheimer’s. masquerade dances on Woody Island. Never danced on Saturday, Sabbath. Always had Sunday night dances. Threat of religious, house available for dances. Guitar appreciate dance. Weeklong masquerade. Natives very superstitious. Climax, New Year’s Eve. Papa used to love to drink. Dress in rags. Take them and throw them in the sea. Hilarious. Throw old year out, and new year in. Uncle Sam suit, not baby. Dump in sea to wash evil spirits away. Stems from bible. Searching for baby Jesus. Fishing. Everybody that masqueraded went to church to be blessed holy water. Always went to church. Got older, did not go, got disappointed in people. Were not looking at the reason, to be good and church people were greedy, made fun of poor. Pettiness not liked or belong to clubs. Not fond of pettiness. Garden, Kelp potato seed from Afognak, from the Russians. Yellow Petroski turnups. Great granny, like apples, loved rutabagas. Bells nursery. Root cellar. Save every year. Never bought seeds. Had seeds. Must use kelp, nothing else but kelp, no commercial, kelp is wonderful. Pliable. Sister getting water. Mama would be working, with baby tied to back, raking, Nastia, bear in Uganik. Pictures of bears through window. Fish went upriver quickly, lots of dead fish, but they went up too fast for bears to get. Garbage piles. Housing things to eat. So many bears this particular year. Finished season 20th of August. Into cannery sept.  processor tied up to dock. Kelly and peter working in carpenter shop. Bones for dog. Someone seen bear. Walked out and bear reached in front and stole bones. Screamed, bear disappeared. Man nearby, petrified, needed cigarette. Mama and 2 cubs. Jumbo went to chase to bears, bear killed jumbo the dog. Watchman at cannery. Always forgot to close door. Finally, Mama bear and cubs. Yearlings. jumbo killed and ate jumbo. Carnivorous. Gramps angry, got gun to look for bears, went over mountain, not sure if they killed bear. 5 bears, 2 older, 3 younger ones. What could be done, run around all day long, finally got used to them. Grandchildren scared of bears. Live in bush. Must be one to make things run. Carpenter shop, gramps tools, washing machines. Afraid to let children out of sight. Thought they went into hibernation, but they were still out. Small bear running around cannery buildings. Bear cub, up in tree. Thought it might be eagle. Bears hungry, eat the cubs, he escaped up tree. The next year was almost as bad. South arm of Uganik, Uganik River.