Below is an email I submitted to moments ago with respect to Richard’s correspondence to all of us.

As for Richard’s accusations of all but himself, they are far removed from reality. At present he is a board member who is unable to work well with others and is only satisfied if what he perceives to be the road to take is being adapted to by all other board members.
Mr. Simeonoff lacks diplomacy, respect for other board members, the ability to listen to anyone or anything but his own agenda, honesty, patience, consideration for all shareholders and the ability to work well as a team.
These are serious matters for our corporation to address and they will not be taken lightly. His inappropriate means in which to address challenges and/or differences of opinion is at a time to come to an immediate end. Dragging shareholders into board difficulties in this capacity is inappropriate.

There will be followup by myself, along with Donene and hopefully the other board members to address business.


Ellen Simeonoff
Uganik Natives, Inc.

Fellow Board Members,


Once you make a motion to adjourn a meeting, all actions taken after that are null and void and certainly not legal.


You may also want to look at what you are doing in your respective roles as board members of this corporation, liable to all of our shareholders, not just self interest. Forcing one’s personal agenda is going against our responsibilities to the entire corporation and is wrong. We may as well have one board member refusing to work with the entire board and the shareholders again, just like we have for nearly a decade prior to last fall.

You might also want to take a deep look into how this will be perceived by all of our shareholders, especially since this board is comprised of mostly the same family, looks incredibly shady right now and if you don’t think it would to all of our shareholders you are suffering from serious delusions. Any legal counsel would be more than happy to inform that operations look highly suspect.


Being a board member is a tremendous responsibility and privilege, not a license to do as one pleases for their own personal interests.


This is far from over.


Ellen Simeonoff



Uganik Natives





Subject: July 30 meeting
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 00:10:36 -0700

I have attached the min from the meeting tonight. I would like to try and get us all working on the same page. I had never had any intention of even continuing to be a board member or did I want to be. When Ellen Called me and told me about needing to do something about my father, I was supportive but his is my father and I did not want to be the one dishonor his name.

but I did call and get him to agree to resign and let someone else take over. since my vote was needed I started to inquire about information pertaining to what was going on.  From the very beginning I did not get a straight answer. my first plan was to get all the shareholders together and hold elections or at lest poll the shareholders as to what the future of Uganik was to be. I really wanted to get things straightened out the right way. I was ignored then as I am being ignored now whenever I try to work on shareholder issues. I for one am fed up with career board of directors. I want all the money  to go to the shareholders. I have said this from the start. I want to create leases for shareholders to use the land. I want to do the right thing. I have created a web page for shareholders to be able to have all the information I have. I have not gotten one penny for all the work I have done in the name of justice. every time I tried to work on the land I was rebuffed as its not important. I don’t want to see any of our money go to these “career natives”  The only reason I am still on this board is to see that every shareholder is heard. I say we either work together or we stop everything right now and get a shareholder vote on new directors.


We need to stop everything. we should move to have immediate Elections do nothing else.  or we should start working together on all issues. I don’t like when lies are told about me in meetings with shareholders present.

we can work together or we need to freeze everything until we get a shareholder vote. I originally wanted 3 local Kodiak shareholders but I did not trust that the current board would do what’s in the best interest of the majority.

if the majority wants to create jobs for directors than so be it. I will go away.

I think the majority of shareholders are tired of belonging to a club with only minimal benefit. I have never heard one solution to the land and other important issues. I am afraid of what will happen if we don’t have a plan.

I don’t want to be president or CEO or even a director. But I really believe If the majority of shareholders knew what I supported they would support me.

I would like to work with you and get things going. but we need to be honest and forthright. we need to get a budget and basic operating things under control. I would like every board member to be up for vote. and then ask all the shareholder who want to be on the board to be able to run for office. we need to create a template of what the future of Uganik will be

this will not cost any money but it will put everyone cards on the table. otherwise we need to work together and share information and quit stonewalling me about the land issues. I will  formalize these amendments and seek for a full vote of the shareholders before any more business is conducted.

I will fight to my dying breath to make sure the money of the land sold goes to the shareholders and will fight anything that may even jeopardize that.

Donene made the accusation that I had told  a shareholder in Uganik that he was evicted. that is a lie. the only shareholder that goes to Uganik is Howard Peterson. we have a squatter on Ronnie Fadahof. old property. we have been paying the taxes on that land for years. Howard had stated that he had a verbal agreement from Ronnie to have the cabin.  We should evict the squatter he is a drunk among other things Edson is his name.  we need to work on the land it is what binds up together the boards unwillingness to even work on it has gotten me frustrated beyond belief.  Donene I think it would have been important to disclose that you were a board member of NOK and that you had information that NOK was going to protest that Uganik land was not as valuable as NOK land. we found this information out at a meeting with TIM Richardson I really wanted to believe you did not have ulterior motives.

I have gotten nothing ever for being a board member for Uganik Natives or any other Native Corporation besides my distributions. I am not a career Native.  I want all the money to go to the shareholders.

Ellen I believe you will pick your family before you decide to become a career Native. I know you have roots as a woody island employee.  I will start a phone and letter campaign to find out what everyone wants. Ellen I want you to lead the Corporation I just want us to work together. I know I am not always right and abrasive but I do want what is best I just always have . I really want to work on the land issue and the non profit issue and want to be in the loop when other things are happening