I am curious, is your scheduled dinner with Tim a business dinner or do you and Donene have a personal relationship with Tim and this is just a social get together?  The reason I ask is because if you intend to conduct business at all during this dinner meeting, my preference would be that all business be conducted while other board members are present via a telephonic conference.  I am requesting this for the same reasons you cautioned Richard not to speak on behalf of the board.




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Have some thoughts to convey.

Was our successful partition vote based on the $2 million appraisal? And is that something you want to share with Tim on behalf of all of us? Considering what you verbally expressed I’m a bit surprised to have read that.

If you could email a copy of the letter you sent to the shareholders before the meeting I would appreciate reading it. It was never attached to the email before and I didn’t receive a copy in the mail either.

It is important that when we are representing the board, we represent the board and not just our individual perspectives lest we cause any confusion with any of the parties we are working with about what is official and what is not.

Also… I spoke with Tim yesterday on the phone regarding his visit. He would like to meet for dinner with Donene and I on Monday. I believe he suggested a teleconference also. If each of you could voice an opinion on your desire for a teleconference with Tim please let me know and I’ll adjust our meeting accordingly. As it stands now I’m waiting to hear back from him as well.

Thanks hope it’s sunny and wonderful where each of you are!!