yesterday, was the end of a 7 day fast, I was feeling sickly again, I had been consuming too many calories, I was really feeling bad, last time, I went to the ER, but they did not find anything major. This time, as with last I started fasting, but this time was a little scarier, as I did go into the hospital. I have been using fasting as cutting weight since about 1998, which was my first time after reading the Atkins book, There I learned about Keto and Ketosis, which is the best way to cut weight for healthy people, but I was not feeling healthy. Everytime I have done this fasting I have improved my methods as Information on the internet has improved.

The Internet is a great place to search, but the problem comes with most of the relevant information is for sale. My biggest find, Is Great Courses, which consist of courses from playing guitar, singing, to advanced physics, my favorite is the ones on Personal growth, History and Diet. There is Scientific proof, that a restricted calorie lifestyle is the most important thing you can do to improve, life expectancy, brain function and overall health.

My problem in previous fast was my energy level would fall off, my body would scream for more food, my mind would just push through, this time was no different, but as I searched the internet, I found some very helpful information. The main reason you suffer during a fast is your body getting rid of all the sludge and crap that has accumulated, the other insight was the importance of getting enough sodium and potassium. This has been very beneficial. baking soda works great, just a few tea spoons. The great courses also gave me the best insight, it is not losing weight, but “body composition” is key, that is, fat to muscle.  one of the other courses on personal improvement was envisioning how you want be. well I put that to how do I want my body to look and be healthy. I have not had a flat stomach, well since my last season fishing in 1991, or so.  It is really easy to get into bad eating habits on a boat.  You need fuel, whether humping web or corks, or just having sea legs, but especially Salmon fishing and being in the skiff, when your on fish and you dont have to wait a turn, its slam, slam bam, no time to stop till the sun goes down, and crab fishing, well, the only rest is looking for buoys. brain function adn heat health are my main priority, but also wanted to get the fat off, it was not bad, but like most Americans, I was delusional. I sometimes see what I want, and not what is really there, belly fat lots of belly fat, stubborn belly fat.  Even right now, I am as slim as I have ever been in the last 30 years,  170 lbs, it is still there, it is the soft stuff that is around my muscles. pesky, last night was my first meal, I had been just supplementing with cream in my coffee and a bunch of proven pills, cumin, ginger, garlic and potassium. Potassium and sodium are very important. One of my biggest motivators this time is a story about this fat fella with hair colored yella, on that a song, but this guy in the UK was 456 pounds, and fasted down to 180. the main supplement was potassium. My longest is still just 10 days, but I have never been 400 lbs, the heaviest was 235, after quitting drinking, my drug was food, but that is my next christmas eve story. The picture is my at the start of the fast, I was thinking I looked good, but really im sucking in my gut and the fat is evenly distributed in the upright position, toxic belly fat, that with my chest/heart neck brain issues, I know this time, I needed to get it down to a healthy body compostion of under 20% fat to muscle ration, at least that is what I could find as the optimum.