Well we have had this new dog for awhile now, he is a piece of work. he eats almost anything. last night I was having some watermelon and he was begging for some, so I gave him the end piece, which still had some pulp in it, I came out later and he was on the kitchen floor gouging out the pulp with his teeth. he ate everything except the rind. We have found out he does not like lettuce. Pets really do enrich our lives, especially dogs. I named him loki when we first got him, but our son John claimed him as his own, just like Sophie, but I think he changed his mind on sophia, anyway Jt decided to rename him Rhagar, like RAY GAR. we thought he might be a miniature or a mix shep, because when we got him he was quite small. My nephew once bought a Rottweiler, who he named chops, well chops did not grow legs, he was a rotty, with short legs. We were wondering the same thing would happen to us, it is a crap shoot getting a dog online or through an ad, but he looks like he is going to be a real live german shep. I had thought he seemed malnourished, like skin and bones, so I tried to feed him as much as possible and even shared my overpriced Organic milk with him. Wa La, I had been watching college video courses online, and one of the things were about children that are underfed, and how they do not grow properly. Long live price Rhagar.