But in hindsight, we all going to die, so if dying 20 years earlier than a healthy life lead too, then by all means, keep gobbling up the pasta, white bread, and whiskey, they all just as deadly, and all a hindrance to a happier life, but I know, it is up to You, your the  only one, that knows your pain.

Maybe your life is sad, perhaps, your only fun is a donut? the only time you feel happy, is gulping down Capt. Crunch

O sorry, being a prick, this was me. drinking was the only time I felt normal, what the fk is normal?  what the masses are doing, hahahhahahahah yeah well your a sheep is that is your normal, just like the germ mans.

Do we want to raise sheep? IT IS HARD NOT TO, I mean really, when do we even get the inkling, that all is Neurotoxic? It surely can not be now, with the pandemic and lies, conspiracy, flying all over the place.

We are raised in a bubble, at least it is one bubble passed to the next bubble. This has been going on for Centuries, I am not saying it is BAD, just be aware, of your thinking as it pertains to “NORMAL”

I love the Internet, I worry that, it may become a tool of government, eventually, They will use the excuse of in “National Security”. hopefully eye am wrong again.

what is more important, a long life? or quality of life?  drugs and medicine, ensure a long life, unless your ticker stops or your body starts to rot from cancer, then your at the whim of hospitals and doctors, that only treat the symptoms, not the cause, this is fact, dont forget that, as your gulping down pills.

I have been on the fence as to whether to even take these t3 pills, yet, I am a sheep, with not enough information to really make a sound decision, and the only  ones willing to help with that, are selling “products” So my research continues…  hopefully the cancer has not damaged me beyond repair, actually the treatments seem to be more damaging, perhaps eye should have stopped after the surgery.

what almost killed me? was me, I put any food i wanted to eat into my face, I did not handle stress well, pills and eating do not keep you healthy. exercise, can only do so much.

I have found that self awareness, is key. how your body feels, feel the stress? it feels different.

I still get stressed, it is part of the American lifestyle, and really, an integral part of life.

Let me put into terms, that eye can understand.

We all hate working right? ok, so you got a dream job and have no asswipes to work with, that is a godsend, but for the majority of us, we have to deal with all kinds of characters.

I will use my brother Gil as an example, he used to hate working, to the point he as mad as a hornet by 2pm, beer thirty.

now he is coffined to a wheel chair, and he get beer Friday, but you know what made that beer taste so good before, WORK, yes it is true, WE MUST SUFFER

we must, some people refuse to suffer, and I believe, they suffer the most.

This has been an ephiany of mine since, CANCER

try and drink a liter of water, kinda hard right?

run some sprints and then try to drink a litre of water, delicious! almost magical

same thing as with everything else. to truly enjoy life, we must suffer. the more you suffer, the more you are aware of the good, and the more you are grateful to be alive, I know some of you can just enjoy life on the suffering of others. they have a label for that.

What is denial, denying that the food you eat, are making you unable to enjoy life. that stromboli you are stuffing down your gillet is killing you just as much as the vodka is killing, or   needle, all poison.

So what can we do, if we see someone suffering food addiction, they are fat, or alcoholism, or other drugs? NOTHING.

they label drug addicts, alcoholics all the time, but food addicts, they get a free ride.

maybe they skinny, overstressed, pimples, or other ailment, lazy, tired or just not happy, well that can be bad food, you can not put poison into your body and expect to be happy and healthy, they just do not align.

I have to admit, the herring has sugar in it, If I could buy some without sugar, but not yet, even DAVES bread has 5 grams of sugar per slice, but not the POWER SEED, it only has a gram, that is a lot, I alway imagine a gram of cocaine, well not a  lot but too much, 5 grams is way too much, im sticking with the POWER seed. that is just one slice. wtf, comon dave, get some sugar free bread, you killing me, oh I dont have to eat the bread? but it is delicious.

My tips;

drunks: 90 meetings in 90 days, and get a prescription for cravings, I had to, and ask for Gods help, it does not have to be a reigous god, just a higher power, like we are a higher power than, say ants….

Food addiction:  learn to fast, I have been fasting as a way to lose weight since 1995, I have learned a lot since the first fast, atkins.

also, try getting into “Ketosis” this is when your body switches to fat burning mode. You will feel great, the key is to keep up with electrolytes. it you have never experienced Ketosis, your missing a key part of life, being energetic and happy, perhaps the best drug ever.

know that cutting weight is different than lifestyle. you need to find your zero.  I just bought this book, fasting, he has lots of good info, anyway, he did this experiment, where he was trying to debunk the whole calorie counting bullshit propagated by our government and General MIlls.

he increased his caloric intake to 4500, but only healthy foods, well butter was a key ingredient to get the high calories, and he actually lost weight on that diet. wtf, true story his book name is “fast this way” by dave asprey, you can get it on NOOK for 15 bones, I think, I just started it, but it does have good shit.

for the drug addicts: commit yourself to an insane asylum, because I have not Idea how to help, or switch to the above addiction, and then use the solutions for them, the damage your doing to your brain are irreversible, they will never come back. your screwed. you thinking will be forever changed, I have never seen Normalized meth addict. stop before it is too l8t.