I know I have been slamming the Native community for being hoodwinked into the whole Business farse, but in reality…. It is still a farce, as distraction, but there have been lots of Progress in the years since their inception, not so much in Kodiak, where the emphasis is only on business, well mostly. The main issue, that I have, and really it is not a personal issue, but from where I stand, looking in..  the CEO of Koniag, my Regional Corporation makes 500 grand a year. yeah, I mean 100 grand a year is alot of money, now that is not the main issue, The amount of scholarships that were doled out to Koniag shareholders was less than his salary. This is, or shows where the Corporation values are. Now I know for a fact, that he did not create anything wonderful, but is  riding the coattails of Elizabeth Perry, a non-shareholder, who had been at the helm for quite  few years. Jobs in Kodiak, well they have very few for shareholders, the majority of jobs go to non-shareholders, I am not talking about, the corporate jobs, but all of these businesses, that they have invested in and are operating in and out of Alaska.  I know for a fact, that the majority of jobs, college grad included, can be done without most of the intricate qualifications, I have seen many less than qualified people do jobs that an untrained monkey can do, jobs created to give “Billy Bob a JOb” jobs created just for billy.  I say big fucken deal that we have this great company, that brings a profit, a miniscule profit, not enough for a payout. Now that would be fine, if Natives were ingrained in the company. Kodiak has been left behind by the more progressive Native Corporations, I can only comment from experience. Anchorage and the Central region have done a good job of integrating Natives into all jobs and if you want to work, there is work. I have never wanted for a job in Anchorage, and even had a few good opportunities. I never would be a token Native, I had a few of those too, I was a skilled carpenter at the Native hospital doing handyman projects, which was fine, but wasted skills. I even had a chance to be a code writer, that would have changed my history, did not get that, but I did get a shot at it.  I have submitted my company for the koniag website, but they have nothing for jobs or companies. look at their job list is smaller than the villages, when they have multi million companies. nada, nothing. There is still a big disconnect between the average native on the streets and the corporate Natives. Now if my only issue was with jobs, money or education, it is not. my biggest issue is with the people and a right to sovereignty. We have been whitewashed, even our darkest natives are whitewashed. I had been whitewashed my whole life. where can we live the lives of our ancestors? where?  WHERE ARE THE VILLAGES? they have been wiped out, or turned into welfare towns. have any of the corporation created any communities of Natives, that live a life free?  No, they are all tools of the Untied States. the program to integrate assimilate, Alaska Natives is alive and well. We have been reigned in, hook, line and sinker. We have nowhere to go, our only alternative is to live in trailer homes, or work and pay for  rent or a mortgage. slaves in the American dream.

There is still a great disconnect from the people in suits and the people on the streets. There are plenty of worker jobs or training for low level jobs, should we not be pusing to get Natives in the top jobs, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, leaders, not mid level, We need to seek out the talented in our villages, we need to create a culture of caring for the people of the villages, not  the  current emphasis on getting “mine”  America has benefited greatly from the land that was bought or taken, Natives should be first in line, Education, sovereignty, keeping culture alive, getting our hunting rights back. The biggest theft of Alaska Natives was taken, when they gave subsistence to ALL ALASKANS. this crushed any hope of sovereignty or true justice. That and the Alaska Permanent fund, a crock of shit. while Natives were being ridiculed as drunks and inferior, The State of Alaska was  doling out dollars to any tom dick or harry, they could get to take the bait, and making sure they had enough Army and Air force bases to quell any insurrection, but that was not needed as the whole of the Native population had bought into the AMerican dream, even though is was never meant for them.