Just got back from a visit to my Birth state of Alaska. People are always talking about bears and the danger involved. I see this much different as part of the alpha species on earth, We the people are the most dangerous, this was clear and evident recently in Anchorage when 4 bears, 2 cubs a momma bear and boar were gunned down in Anchorage by fish and game, because people were pigs and refused to clean up after themselves, homeless pigs, if they had not been killed, eventually a human would have been killed and like most things, justice would not prevail, it would probably be some law abiding hiker or skiier that gets mauled. I have been to Anchorage many times and lived there often, too often. it is a city, a beautiful city surrounded by mountains, yet a dirty crime ridden city, always has been in my lifetime. Now they are bringing the human virus to all the small towns and cities all over Alaska. the human virus, you ask?  well I will tell you just like bacterial and a virus, we replicate, and sometimes that turn into a bad human, mostly it is environmental, as in child rearing or lack of, schooling, and societal lack of concern for the little people we call children. All these big fucking issues, yet children still are neglected, beaten and continue long lines of abusive culture. The Anchorage bowl is awash with human struggles and crime. So we as a society prefer to wait until they are adult criminals to intervene, we build more prisons, more laws, all bullshit.

Anchorage has turned into one big cesspool of human suffering, Alaska permanent fund at work, I think it is all to over populate and control the laws with these new “humans” the permanent fund seekers, who would move to a state for a piece of the fund, well to doers? not a chance, its the criminal and the downtrodden that seek free money for living in the frigid North.

anyway that’s just my take, a lot more people wandering the streets and “hanging out” I went by a liquor store that I used to work at and they now have to scan their ID to get in the store, due to  theft, this is not new as I had been ripped off a half gallon of rum and jack one time, as I asked for their id, they bolted out the door, it was a notorious store that had a high armed robbery rate.

on a different note, I have been working on watching peoples eyes, they tell so much, the facial expressions do to, but they are flashes, the eyes will show contempt and much more. it has to do with the pupil, but no need to look at the pupil size, you will see and know

I am starting to accept the universal truth, never believe what you hear, only believe facts.  Just like how the mafioso use the closest friends to whack someone, words mean nothing from a majority of people. Eye am not without my faults, many many, too many to list, but I try to be truthful to myself above all.

They say a lie is not just a blatant telling of non factual data, but also the act of saying nothing.

My Anchorage experience was mostly fun, I did notice that it was weird, the people were weird, much worse than in Arizona, where people are sad, mad or depressed, in Alaska, they are all indifferent, I did not put it together until my niece said it, Everyone is acting like nobody else exist, they are all ignoring each other. YES I do agree, they are all ghost.  I think Alaska is being ruined by people.  I just want to be in Alaska, away from the people, fishing, hunting, hiking and building.

My niece got her 4 wheeler stuck in the mud, they had to call someone to come pull them out.  Here is a tip for everyone that does not know about snow ice or swamps, NEVER Let your tires spin, and keep letting them spin, unless you want to pay for a tow. even worse, do not pile on and keep doing the same thing, it will just dig it deeper, to the top of the wheel or until the frame bottoms out.  Well this guy that came and towed here out, gave her some great tips, get a winch and better tires.  he has been all over alaska on 4 wheelers, he had gun boots and the whole nine yards on his machine. it was nice to hear him talk about going all the way up north on these trails. I wonder what I am doing sitting here wasting my life away  with all my computer bullshit, stuck in the desert, hopeless never ending  bullshit, somehow I must figure out how to escape the mundane boring life I have found myself in. I am happy, just being alive, that is true, but I have learned to be happy regardless what life throws at my head. Everything happens for a reason, everything that is going to happen is meant to happen. I am just along for the ride, ride sally ride.

I look forward to what lies ahead, but I also accept that will not be a long life, maybe death becomes me. I will always do my damndest to survive, but that is really not my choice to make.  I am more disillusioned after my visit to Alaska regarding relationships and any reliance on anyone. I have decided, that I must be the culprit in all these dysfunctional relationships. My mere existence elicits contempt, I see that now. Alone I came into this world and I alone will cease to exist in this world. I can count on one hand the people in this world that wish me happiness and success, which for me is a meaningful life that I can hunt fish and chop wood.  to help people who need it.  the key is to not get into situations where I have to rely on another human being, unless they are getting  something for nothing. the buck stops here, right here in my head.  I have to formulate a plan to get out of this mess. debt and more debt, now the jobs are getting scarce, the kind I bid on, the working man, as soon as the powers that be raised the interest rates, and the media is doing the chicken little story, over and over, they all chicken little stories,the mother fuckers keep hanging on the covid bullshit, wonkers, really wonkers. It to the point, if there is not sensational story to divide people, they will create stories, actually they do create stories, bad one, which get people, scared and depressed. stir the people up.  They only report the Murders and not all of them, I was told by a source in the know, they do not even report the crimes on reservations, because they could give a rats ass about real oppression.  rapes robberies murder are all done silently, the big stories are someone not wearing a mask, anything that will create a smokescreen to all the bullshit, like the new normal.

All the fast food workers got  a raise, only it did not keep up with government inflation, O and old joe created lots of jobs, in fast food. they think they making money now, well they are making the same as minimum wage, those jobs should be for young people getting a start, not to raise  a family.

Nobody is reporting how the United states is raking it in with the high gas prices, along with all the cites and towns that get a tax cut on the gas sold. The russians are also raking it in, we helped them to it.   the only people that are suffering are the low wage people, the small time contractors (myself included)  I stay home now, with an empty tank in my 6.0 diesel and my little car that only takes premium, o I can put regular in, but then I will be paying for repairs or more likely fixing it myself.

I was talking to someone, they are flush with dough, and they were complaing about gas prices, I had to smirk, yes true story, I even quipped, yeah a million dollar second home and your worried about gas prices :/