well that sums up how I feel about my health 🙁

I know that the cancer put a damper on my life expectancy, and the treatment, well it was just as devastating.  spilled milk now, the milk has been spilled, not much i can do except scoop some back in.

I see people going through stressful times, and overeating and if there can be any kind of warning, just look at me, I may beyond the help of diet and exersize, but the worst culprit is stress, it will kill you 🙁 sad but true

when I was drinking, stress was minimal, when I was gulping down whatever poison suited my fancy, not until I woke up did the stress start again, and sometimes, I just kept drinking, not much stress when your drunk, but not too good on your organs, or like brother kelly says, Oregon’s or OReganic  🙂

Our biggest problem is stress, then diet and last but least lack of movement, if you want to live, you need to keep moving.

Let me say this, if your fat, feel lazy and tired aches and pains or you just are not happy, YOU DONT Have to be, its not to l8t, well unless you have went through stage 4 throat cancer, surgery, chemo and radiation, well then your fkd, like me.

I am not criticizing anyone. I have been overweight most of my adult life after I quit smoking at 22. it started after fishing, which  has you consuming and burning large quantities of calories, and then after the season, you keep consuming, and stress, just help pile it on. I used to love those curly fries, fried chicken all brands, even Kentucky fried, but only every 6 months.

All of our favorite foods are poison, its a trap, ice cream, potato chips, pop, pop tarts, and the medical places, you go there to die. and they help you, in America they are not places of health, they are places of death, except for the trauma rooms, the rest are just money making machines, for profit. The pill market is trillions, covid is a boon to all these entities. SAVE YOURSELVES before it is too late!

ok, so I have this thyroid thing, which was caused by my radiation, that much I know, Mayo doctors tried to dupe me into thinking it might be cancer, or at least were not going to tell me the truth. they will kill you if you let them with all their treatments, but that is another story… soon the whole tale, it was pure torture, sure they saved me from the cancer and might be the best we have, but that is a shit show shame. It was a nightmare, of torture and profit.

my health is ok now, on some meds, but still having issues, skin as dry as the desert in summer, skin as hard as leather that has been wet, then dried.  throat pulsates and spasms at any time.

yesterday, I got up off the bed while watching TV tube, and had a fall, now I have had these lightheaded deals when getting up before, but yesterday, well,
“frazier  goes down”  yeah, I fainted, or passed out and hit the floor, sweet mary was on me like stink on shit, I popped right up, but she was freaked out. I tried to say I slipped, but she was not buying that shit :/

so my problem is  this: We have insurance, good insurance, Sweet Mary works her tail off for the Federalizes, anyway it still cost an arm and a leg, and since, I am trying to avoid people, at least until this covid bullshit is over, NEVER. fkn nightmare, sorry for the profanity, another symptom, is my emotional state, it seems, that and freezing, headaches and every symptom you get when you have hypothyroidism, the heart deal has me in the emergency room twice in the past 2 years. my dislike of people has gained momentum, petty bullshit or just chronic negativity, or the people who think the hospitals are full saints, and government is peachy keen are as stupid as stupid can be, when someone is spouting the party line, well they just asinine sheep. Wake the fuck up, we are at an apex. fuck trump, fuck biden fuck all the polititians and the people who follow them like sheep, fuck all the leaders who are in it for themselves, which includes Native fakes. did I mention, my emotional state from hypoid?

So the Indian Center down here, will treat me, but only the basic bullshit, they have a xray machine and some doctors, nice most of them.

but for any specialist forget it, nothing NADA you need an act of congress, and if your hypoid, you better be half dead, the doctor I told my symptom was not sympathetic to my hair not growing, he was bald, but that was not from treatments, his was hereditary.

I either have to go to Alaska or have them send me to a specialist, but he problem is, this whole hypoid bullshit, even an Endocrinologist, can just be sheep of some system, not a real treater, or healer, I have learned, they are just people and  just as shitty as the general population, overworked and could really care less, unless your wiling to line their pockets with Gold. ok  anyway that is enough complaining about my petty bullshit, on the upside, I am pretty lean and mean fighting machine for 58, 170 pounds of mostly muscle and still some pesky belly fat, and except for the “collapse” and pesky symptoms, I am reading up on this thyroid bullshit, I have bought 4 nook books and countless websites, but it kills my working, must finish bathroom. today I will finish some drawings for my favorite AK/AZ customers, fun to work for them. living the dream, still active and still learning, hopefully I will get to  that age and be able to keep it up :/