well getting the house back in order, perhaps a week more of work. the dryer timer went under fritz, it was under warranty, took 2 weeks, Mary was patient, but not, back to the clothesline method, I almost bought a new or used one, but this one was under warranty. the refrigerator lights quit working, so we had food in the dark for about a week until the new switches came in. I still have to upgrade the drain tube, perhaps today. My truck had been having issues, the battery cables, 2 batteries, had corroded, they wanted 545 for a new set, but they were on backorder, I had to rig it up and solder new terminals, kinda sketchy, but used lots of solders. I was leaking anti-freeze and oil, found the oil breath tube disconnected, and a leak in my boost CAC tube. put new ones on, they blew off 3 times, and finally, yesterday went on a trip… crossing my fingers. built a pool cover, mostly for shade and the dogs, been cleaning up dog sht for a few days now. little Rhagar is quite the pup, full of piss and vinegar. now I have to prep and paint the pool and rebuild some decks, but after that, it is time to find a paying gig. seems promising, but never know until the search is on. maybe ill scratch out a few more of these nonsense stories, I plan on putting up some stories from the past, people that have been a beacon of light in my tough world.