All through house not a creature was stirring not even a MOUSE

well that was a good Christmas, even without our 2 oldest childrens, they have lives of their Own now, proud, but sadness of sorts. We did have the baby home, well somewhere nearing 28. but always our baby boss, has been a blessing taking care and extending our Parenthood, We are just so proud of ourselves, that he even chooses to live with us, in this age of people that scoff at families, that stay together in this day and age. He has proven himself successful in every career he has engaged, Manager of a Chipotle, Manager of a high end retail chain, Z galleria, and currently working his way up the chain at a Major Insurance company.

We had a nice 3 rib prime beef dinner, Christmas eve, was delicious, with a sweet potato, they had other stuff, not me.

Christmas day was a goodtime, Jt, got up last, I was up before the crack of dawn. Mary soon to follow, finally Christmas John, as we call him during the holidays got up, after I stirred him  a tad, as per tradition Jt handed out all the gifts, and we took turns until the festivities were over, as usual the bulk of gifts were from Santa “sweet Mary” I was lazy and put all hers from me in a bag, she just peeled them off the top, less paper that way 🙂 we were all happy clams.  I got a couple of pairs of 501’s button fly jeans, my pants of choice, since high School day, those days they came unshrunk, so you had to wash them a few times, before they were even wearable. I also scored some of my favorite shoes, Merrill/ Moab Jt got me a nice photo book, as that is another passion of mine, still learning iso aperture and field of view, although I knew about them, I am learning how to use them. For dinner, we had Crab legs, well me and Sweet Mary, they had some giant legs at Costco, 98 bones for  bag, of the biggest crab legs I have eaten since brown crabbing on the Andronica. It was decadent :/ so good, We were sick, well not sick, but on the verge of sickness after eating so much crab, and a few green beans, so delicious, or as my brother Gilbert likes to say: “SCRUMPTIOUS” last night was also the first night sleeping through the night, no good, sleep is good..

the new kitten like King crab, little varmint hopped right up on the table and was eating scraps off of my plate, yeah I know, EWWWWW, but at 58 years young, few things bug me, and we usually eat at our TV stations anyway.

Richard is up the Great Northwest living his life. such a fine young man, Contracting, Singing, and enjoying his life, sArah and Jackson, well they went camping, such fun. I never camped in winter, actually my camping was limited to sleeping in a van or truck, well there was the one time, me and rich went out to Uganik and stayed in a decrepit cabin, One of my fondest memories, lost damn pictures, I need to fix my other old xp puter to get them, another thing to procrastinate. We also got to do a Live video feed with my Sister and Mom, Homer and Uncle Curt, they looked great, Homer is the epitome of an old sourdough and Uncle Curt looks like came right out of an old prospector movie. Mom and Sis looked great as ever, so glad they had a goodtime, and shared it with us.

I woke up to a facebook video of my newest family, Shavon n Rob, they have a full house, I really think they are wonderful in the videos they do. It was a great gift to see, and she sent a video of Seamus saying Merry Christmas G&G, precious little guy.