row row row your boat, gently down the stream merrily merrily, life is but a dream, that could be a phrase for a good life. steady as she goes “captain” , the row row, I mean if you get a good understanding of what is expected in this society, and that means different things to different people, like, for say if you born into an affluent family, or the children of poor inner city folks. Life is not fair, that is our starting point in life, but this key to all of this is our foundations we get as children, it can be just as crippling for a child of a well to do family as a Poor inner city family, the key is good or bad parenting. This my “friends”  is where our lives start, at the family level. We have not choice in this matter, zero zilch, we are just born, we have no Idea, everything we learn and the way we are comes from these years of upbringing. The way we learn about the world is from our parents, or parents. They are providing the foundation for our whole lives, everybody remembers their childhood years, these can be some of the most important years in anyone’s lives, from the things you learn, to the things you are told.

In retrospect, I think I could have done a much better job, if only I had known better myself. We as parents are the first line of defense in this chaotic world. I think, we as parents, often try to fix the things we thought were lacking in our own childhood, yet is this always the right answer, in this World hard work is a a good trait, but one that often gets trumped by an education, and one thing that my nearly 60 years on this planet has taught me is “educated, means nothing, and is more just a way to keep others, beneath.  The key here is the schools, we can hardly rely on families to teach their children how to think, instead of what to think.

I can hear the whine of the people, but if we do not pay for this when they are young, yOu will pay for this one way or another, prison taxes, welfare are just a few examples. Teachers, and teaching should be the highest priority, I know this, as without my young schooling years, and all the teachers, I would have never gotten the perspective I have today. I have went to 5 different high schools, and most of them were just a way to warehouse children for they day. this is too much work. Parents need to take accountability for their children. Society needs to protect children from bad parents.

So I started to think about this whole thing about being grateful, this is what spurned this topic, The problem, is if your just grateful, grateful for everything, but you start out with nothing, well, in a sense, you start out in your station, that is, what you were born into.  what was your station, born on a reservation, no jobs no food, no water, or were you born in a nice house, your own bedroom, ozzie and harriet parents, or drunken brawling parents? were you treated like a golden baby, or were you sexual abused, left with anyone who was handy?  we all have different stations, That is why I find it distasteful, when I hear people disparaging other people, we know nothing about, they are just, “pull up you big boy pants and get on with life”

So here I am at 60 years old, and learning about life, still trying to figure our a purpose, I was perplexed at the whole be grateful, for what, we can be grateful for nothing, because that is where we start out, with nothing but was given to us at birth, and maybe that was not so good.  I can be grateful I was no born in ethiopia, or any other third world country, if I am taught about them, of course, but this whole be grateful bullshit, seems to be just that bullshit. hahaha I have to laugh to myself, because it does help me feel more content, but if I ran around 24/7  being grateful for any, and everything, I might as well be stoned 24/7

Is that a problem with society? being grateful for having food stamps, welfare?

my point? like a sharp stick in the eye, we will never be a fair and just society unless every American has a good childhood base and opportunity to and an awareness of what is expected of them in this adult  work driven world.

Note: I have been assimilated, I have worked my whole life

Schooling and Medical should not be a business. The Government goal should be prevention first and foremost.