Well that is profound, nothing is ever that cut and dry.  that reminds me, how much I do love Arizona, my love of a place, usually has nothing to do with the people, and Ariona is not exception. The key is sometimes government has much more to do with my perception of a place and its livability. The first time we moved here was in 1989, right after me and sweet mary got married in Las Vegas at Circus Circus.  yeah you heard me right, I called the preacher shitfty, because of how his eyes kept darting back and forth, I have since learned this is what people do when they are unsure of something, well he got that right, sweet mary was fresh off her fathers passing, and I was a full blown alky, with a nice 50 grand from fishing in Kodiak. I will spare you the details, or maybe another time:)

anyway, I had already gotten sick of Seattle, does not take long, after being jailed a few times, drunk driving, again… time for a relocate, and since California was still a nightmare in my mind, Arizona, sounded good, a high school friend Steve Miller was from there, and he was as nice as can be, too nice for the likes of me, but we set off on a great new Marriage adventure. I knew I had to get married and settle down at this point in my life, or I would never get another chance to find a woman dumb or grieving enough to fall for my line of bullshit, that is not what I was thinking, I was just glad to find someone that seemed to be into me, loved to be loved, love to be liked, but if you dont, fuck you, has and always will be my motto, I am not wasting time trying to convince people otherwise, you should stick with your gut.  I do.

where was I, yeah anyway we moved here, I was still a class act drinking man, and mary was right there with me, until our little grasshopper was born, then all bets were off. I lost my best drinking buddy.  I loved drinking, did I mention that? and it was even better to have drinking buddies, expesially if they were cute with dark irish eyes.

I tried to stop too, it was my first real attempts, took another 6 years, a divorse and loss fo my family for me to take the steps. 90 meetings in 90 days is what my dad always used to say, over and over, just like all the other affirmations you hear in AA, that probally saved my life, that and some head shrink, who gave me a prescription to kill the craving.  anyway

Arizona, we moved here and I went to Real Estate School, Arizona School of Real Estate, and started working at showcase homes, and then Century 21 RAN, but with a drinking issue and money running out, I went back to Construction, working as a framer, and then as a hod carrier for a Block Company, B&B  Masonry. but that did not pay much, I do remember working with this guy from Mexico, nice guy, used to share his lunch, he had real mexican burritos, with the heart and all good parts, anyway It was  a good company, but I wanted more money, especially with a new child Richard III, and wanting more kids, so I went back fishing, after a year off and the Exxon Oil spill, which I was eligible for, but since, I was not very responsible, still under the sauce.  I never got a dime.

We lived in Mesa at first off Gilbert Road and University at some apartments, then somewhere near Mckellips in a fourplex, and then we ended up in a house  in Gilbert Arizona, south of Mesa, Cullumber rd, nice neighborhood, be nice now, they have really grown into a nice town, lots of good trails and shopping, unlike our town, which is more interested in the homeless and trailer homes, but  a nice town nonetheless, be nice if they could get some national steak chains, and perhaps some good bike paths, at least from park to park. I see old people almost getting run over daily, I mean what is more important to old people, than getting and staying fit, especially when you live in a tiny trailer home? but not here to bash AJ and its lack of seeing beyond the status quo business owners, at least we have a fry super center and are close to  Mesa Sprouts.

back in those days  the salt river tubing was still a great time, but you were allowed to drive all over the place on the river, there was no designated parking or areas, it was wide open, We used to back up on the river and crank the tunes. young and dumb.

I think Arizona is one of the most beautiful States to live in, I do love it here and the history is great too. We live close to the Superstition Mountain, of gold stories, prospectors, and the best hiking in the country, The best off road riding, or at least as good as any place I have ever seen. now they have all the dune buggy types and four wheelers.  I have only been pulled over maybe 2twice in all the 16 years that we have been here on our recent stretch, definitely my longest home  ever.

The people are nice, for the most part, the Winter visitors, just always seem pushy and greedy, always want something for nothing, well most of the ones I have met, for the most part, I stay clear, I know some of them have probably had miserable lives and it shows, yet there are some, still living the dream, I have a customer from Alaska, he is still living still active and still pushing ahead. always good to see, people in later years enjoying life, I know a key to that is making sure that i take care of my one and only body, I get freaked out, when things go awry. like bursitis or whatever is jacking me up right now.

It has not always been cheery place, at one time, they had these speed Radar, everywhere it was a nightmare, until you knew the threshold of under 10 miles, except if you made the mistake I did one time, of taking I17 instead of I10 and a 10 miles less per hour speed limit, but lucky for us, they tanked that whole fiasco, there are the bad drivers, I proball an offender too, but at least I am cognisant of other drivers. if I see someone coming behind me and they dont have an easy lane change, I will switch to a slower lane, or speed up and let them take the lead, and potential ticket. I am trying to get mad, when trapped behind drivers, who have no Idea of traffic flow, or they do and are doing it on purpose, some of us have to work and get places, were not just toodling around, but they do have a 20 years licence expiration date, which may explain some of the offenders, but not really. most of them are younger people, that are just ignorant. or think the roads and traffic are just made tor their convenience, but really not an issue, unless you come from Seattle, that place is whack,  you had better be on your A game, one mistake and you get called a cracker, at least I did, some Asian. it was his fault, driving at dusk with no lights, I did not see, him. not much forgiving, I think he wanted to fight, but I was on Vacation, no most driving is good to go in Arizona, after you get  with the program.  most people are pretty good.  The heat, I love the heat, the sunshine, day in and day out, and when it gets cloudy, well that is an aberration, a nice change. Sometimes, during the Monsoon, I get miserable, from the humidity, which is miserable, but 100 degree dry day, is paradise, at least for me, not everyone, but I do like it, especially if I can work with no shirt and get my vitamin D.

I can think of no place that I would rather live year round, than Arizona, not for the people, but the governments and the weather, Outdoors, and for the most part people are not cranky, unless they work in AJ and work customer service, but you would be too, if you had to deal with a bunch of penny pinching crotchety old bastards day in and day out.

I could not imagine living in Alaska year in and out, unless I did not have to work, and had enough money to do fun stuff, but to work in winter the darkness the cold, lack of sun, no way jose, Summers, well that is a different place in Summer, summer breeze makes me feel fine.

Seattle much the same as Alaska, well I should not say Alaska, Anchorage or the cities. but not sure, would need the right circumstance, the Rain, it is ok for awhile, but it beats on your soul. and the apathy of most of the people, not a happy people, but when the sun comes out, well it is like the song by creedence WHEN THE SUN SOMES OUT TODAY. but there are lots of fun things for both Seattle and Anchorage, lets see how much time I feel like typing. Hawaii, would be a wonderful place, but they have really screwed the Natives there, that is a sad state of affairs from what i see, similar to Arizona and the Illegal issue. I have spoken with the locals they have only low level jobs available and the cost of living is so high.  and never forget Islan fever. it is real. but that Ocean, and if you can get out and enjoy it, wahoo, that could be the alltime place, but the governments, not sure. would have to be Maui, that is a wonderful place, Kihei in particular, it is an old school town, without all the tourit traps and prices.