ok, just a short procrastination act before going and finishing up some roofing today, tough work, but not too bad.

looks like we will have legal Marijuana 60 to 40, nice to get out of the dark ages, eye do not condone chronic pot smoking or any drugs for young growing adults. You need to get your shit together first. There should be major consequences for those that supply any drug to children’s growing brains, it a nowhere drug

the schools will be funded by people making 200k a year, not me, or couples making 500k a year, also not me, but someone has to pay the schools, we are now a democrat state, we lost both senate seats, and lost to Biden 🙁

Even if Trump wins, we are now in his bad crosshairs, so maybe we should cross our fingers for biden?

to be continued, I have a roof to finish, maybe Ill post some pics on fb