what exactly is the end game?  I mean really the big picture, here are a few of my observations. Populations are growing, growing and yes, growing.

Where does all that end, the world from end to end with people?  We are at a point in history, where it is not too late, to set a path towards, a sustainable planet for all people. Agriculture is destroying our planet, it will not work forever, Oil will not last forever. Yes there is plenty NOW, it is not and endless supply, what happens, when we run out, WAR is what happens, it is in our history, War has been, and always will be  a human thing. God help us.

My biggest pet peeves on our society, packaging, the way everything from a lighter, food, and just about everything. This is all wasted money that goes in the trash, almost immediately after purchase, actually, I sometimes take it out of the wrapper at the store, and throw it in their trash. Big Government is not the answer, but what is? Contracting out is just as bad, as that is all given back to the Rich fat cats that buy and sell politans like we pay rent. The big problem? everybody wants to be a Chief, nobody wants to get their hands dirty. I must say this, We are probably the luckiest Generations right now at this time, so just enjoy, but do not think your leaving the planet in a rosey outcome. how long will our Rome last? time will tell. We have to realize that at anytime, this can all collapse, even now with Covid, look at this scenario, the second coming of Covid, a stronger stain, more potent, that passes much easier, with no vaccine. Governments start to collapse, desperation sets in. We are not out of the woods yet, and there is some news of a new Covid strain in the UK. Tensions can escalate quickly.

One thing that has me perplexed, is the whole russian issue. They are accused of hacking our elections, our infrastructure, and WE are surprised, that is what has me perplexed, are we that fucken stupid,? ok, rephrase. is Our Government that fucken stupid? We have been in a cold war with the Russians forever, well not just the russians, Our allies have been caught spying on us many times. It seems that our Government is more concerned with spying on Americans. The party line is that everybody is spying on us, and were sitting on our hands, worse, Our money is going to spying on our Own citizens. we sound like a bunch of crybabies. We as in Our government. can you say BAAAAAAAA cuz we are sheep. me included, well not so much now. Open your eyes look around

I was very fortunate, I was raised, or grew up, no that is not right either, anyway. I went to some great schools, my favorite of all time was sierra vista Jr high, followed by Canyon high school, I went to 5 different high schools. those 2 were the only ones that I learned anything, very grateful for my Mom and Dad for moving there, and super grateful for my mom sticking it out under the toughest of terms, I can not imagine, raising 5 kids, paying a mortgage and coming from a small village in Alaska (seldovia) She worked on the Assembly line at General Motors, can you Imaging the culture of the workplace at that time? I am very grateful. I feel a real bond with the people from Canyon Country of the time that I  lived there. This brings me to my Point.  Schools and Teachers are the future, if we are to have a future. There can  not be anything more important, than Educating All Americans. The key factor is leveling the playing field for all people.

Solution: Video and online courses. There will always be a place for in person schooling,but the future is in Online learning. Educating American to Exceed not only here, but abroad. California schools were better, faster, smarter. fyi: I learned there in spite of my circumstance, I was more interested in chasing girls, drinking, fighting, and just plain shenanigans. My education ended, as far as k-12 when I was expelled for fighting at Canyon , for the umpteenth time, I was assigned to Bowman High, which was an alternative school, which was just a place to meet and party, the schooling consisted of filling out reams of basic math and other  less than basic papers, no thinking allowed. Had a Kegger at my house one day, that was fun, until mom got home. We moved to Washington State a year or two later. Lynnwood High School, they looked at my transcripts and said, wow you had lots of schooling, and assigned my  to 5 gym classes, yes true story, except for history, which consisted of watching the whole sho-gun series in class.  I did have home economics, which I almost failed, had to beg the teacher to pass me so, I could graduate, in the class of 81, I was originally in the class of 1980 at Canyon. One thing besides the rain in Washington, was the Marijuana, it was potent skunk weed, compared to the commercial grade mexican weed in california, which was harsh. I was never big on Marijuana growing up, I was already an introvert, but with pot, I was a clam. My medicine of choice was booze, lots of it. I dont remember getting in may fights, just one at lynnwood, but probably more. The other bright spots was meeting my aunts, uncles and cousins. (sorry of course, but politics sucks) The Markey’s The Osborne’s, had some great fun, anyway, Anchorage, was not any better, did make a nice leather BAD COMPANY belt at Diamond High School. I wonder now, if those were just bad schools, or they were specifically not educating Natives. California has a much better view, as far as Native Americans go. I think this is because it has one of the worst histories, bounties on scalps, Arizona, Washington and Alaska has Indian Hospitals, Los Angeles, has the clinic, the size of a small house, but the toxic view of Native Americans does not exist as in Arizona. what was this about? just more of my bullshit. well this has lots of stories to expand on anyway.

the future is Education and teachers

of I fogot what I was wrting

One other thing that was a fun time during my Washington days, me and my brothers, Gilbert and Kelly went to Kodiak Alaska to fish with our Dad on the Chignik Girl.

also I still think it would be a good thing to have a MEDICAL ARMY perhaps ran and operated by the Mayo Clinic, the best we have. (my opinion) not perfect, but they do train and are non profit, kinda, and they will be officially on the government tit. these diseases and virus are a weapon of the future. If we were to truly be able to lock down the country, Hard lock no flying no Nothing, nobody goes anywhere, Until the virus is isolated, it could have been weeks, not months or what were looking at as a apposed a year or more. No bullshit. The Chinese did it in their country, are they that much smarter than us, NO way. No im not a commie, yeah some of you spoiled snot nosed brats, may say so. This is about National security, if you or anyone does not see that now, you never will, your wearing either blue or red ROSE colored glasses. there also needs to be a Cyber Army.