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I’m a Cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, wanted wanted, dead or alive

2023-01-03T05:50:53-07:00Categories: my bullshit|Tags: |

Greetings Earthlings Good Bad, ugly and pretty. young old, sick and healthy from dust I have risen, and to dust I shall fall Ok, enough nonsensical chat, let's get down to the here and now. People are a product [...]

AutoCad videos, first run, annoying clicks, bad sound, needs a major tune up

2022-12-26T18:23:32-07:00Categories: my bullshit|Tags: |

Ok, so I am plan on making a video series on AutoCad Lt, and how to submit drawing to your local city, county or state. this is a first run, very rough draft, I will need to change some [...]

what a Beauty a richard disclaimer, I know my hypocracy knows no bounds

2022-12-15T18:52:26-07:00Categories: my bullshit|Tags: |

Ok, so I have to clarify my stinking thinking, after further revew, actually just a hunch, or thoughtfulness? empathy, no not that deep So I was flapping my lips about how  women wearing makeup and all the flash and [...]

Employee Richard, having second thoughts, freedom is not employment

2022-12-14T04:23:16-07:00Categories: my bullshit|Tags: |

Slaves. unless your at the top, your a slave bot. sell your soul to be employed. i'm dying inside one day at a time.  the problem, turning blinders on helps, but I would need to be so blind,  that [...]

my poor little brain, when the sewer meets the Ocean, what happens, eventually the ocean becomes the sewer

2022-12-12T19:26:14-07:00Categories: my bullshit|

Wow that did not take long :/ So the world is a little more tolerant, but ignorance is alive and well in our department. I dont know how people tolerate this culture. you would think with all the acceptance [...]

Hunky dorky O, that’s me hahahahaha fool of self, full of……………

2022-11-29T05:10:56-07:00Categories: my bullshit|

[armelse] My mommy is coming to town, she is 80 years old, be she is glad to get out of the ice world of Anchorage, brrrrr cold.  It will be great to see her. too bad I am [...]

Job grinding, onward FBI neighbor mental defense has wool over me eyes

2022-11-29T05:12:17-07:00Categories: my bullshit|

Well, I have a job, I got a paycheck, I am still alive and kicking in the desert. I have an answer to the question of my internal Thinker gone haywire, ITS THE BULGARIAN, I have suspected it all [...]

Saturday saturday, I worked a full weak hahaha funny to self

2022-11-19T11:19:09-07:00Categories: my bullshit|Tags: |

My first week went pretty well, a little rocky, and nothing will ever be perfect. there will always be maligners, and hurdles to get through. It is very interesting. I know that I am an outsider, but that has [...]

Red flag at night sailor delight

2022-11-20T06:07:52-07:00Categories: crim, drinking daze, my bullshit, my drinking daze, Richard life pages|

Red flags red sky, words are powerful tools in our lives, 2 days on my new project, as an employee of the Salt river Pima Community. I can not say enough about the acceptance of the tribal members, and [...]