Air so smith song, love that song, music is so important, to me at least, earth is such a dark place at times, yet life is so precious, is there enough for all of us to live happy lives? is there world in which greed and hate dont permeate through the pores of man?

That has been a question, scholars have been asking for centuries. Most times it is Utopia for just your kind, your people, and fuck the rest, or on a smaller theater, just your family, just you, with no regard for anyone or anything else, am I talking about you? perhaps, that is for you to decide, I know it has been me at times. there will never be true peaceful easy feeling with that stuck in me brain

I am drafting up some plans for a house in Glendale, half way across the city, it a mansion of sorts, almost 5000 square ft, who needs that much home? must be nice, anyway he hired an unlicensed contractor, worse than an homeowner gig, where the homeowner acting as his own contractor, much worse. I usually dont start until I get the down payment, but I liked the kid, so after signing a contract on the 31st of last month, I got a check in the mail yesterday. what planet are they from, they send me a receipt, of the payment, like that means, I am paid? no way, anyway, I am trying my best to be political. the homeowner deserves better, I deserve better. (ok that’s enough crying for today, I have to finish the drawings.