Working from home, brings a whole can of worms, especially when your a contractor, a General Contractor, that means, I know how things should be completed, but it does not mean that I have all the skills or patience to do all of them, well, not yet. truthfully, I can not see doing a full bathroom remodel at a customer house, that they are living in, especially a Master bath. maybe if they moved out.

We are really pleased with the new shower jetted tub combination bathroom, but it was a tough project, we extended into the garage 4 ft and added a jetted tub. for me the toughest part was the tile, my main concern was water managment, and making sure of not future damage, no problemo.  I did have an issue with the entry, which I  may address in the future, I wanted a walk in without a curb, a traditional walk over curb, so I built up the entryway. The problem, I also wanted good water pressure and not have to wait long for hot water. so I connected directly to the main water lines coming off the water heater, and we picked out a rain shower system, which is GREAT, just like tony the tiger, but it puts out, lots of water, if your careful, you can keep it in the shower, but once, I get under that downpour, I forget all about the water, not much gets down, but enough to be pesky, My biggest problem, I dont want to get out of the shower, nice shower, it pours, good valves too, we ordered it online, what a great deal, compared to the big box crap. Amazon is our friend.

we also found some giant tiles from Floor and Décor,  30×15 which are really nice, next time, I will rent a saw, I cut the whole job with a 4-1/2 grinder, not a good idea, but turned out oki doki, not professional, but good, still have to doctor up a few places, like where I forgot to cut out for the wand connection, had to grind out a square hole and find it, but will patch that up too, overall good project and love the shower, hooked up the electrical panel and the gfi  for the new jetted tub, yesterday, but still have to connect to the main panel, just have to add conduit and some #6 wires. I did add an addition sink in the garage, that needs a ptrap and connected to the drain, also had to use a studor vent, because of my wall was directly under a truss, and decided, best option, besides a soffit, which was more work, and would not add any beauty to the full height tile walls, but did have to add access panels, doing some drywall mudding today, which also has been on my lack of patience projects, got to tell myself not to skip the masking :d

Stil just getting low ball projects to bid on, where is all the Biden money? guess you have to go beg for it, and the price of sheathing, when from 13.40 to 42.50 how can you bid on jobs 3 months from now, gas will be 6 bucks by the end of summer. maybe I will cut my hair bald and become a guru   Roflol 😉