What is beauty? I see beauty as something that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, like a sunset warms the soul. I see beauty in good people, nice people, a rare commodity in this age of the fast paced phone world.

Since being a child and my first crush Trisha Pyron in the 5th grade, I have  been aware of what I thought was beautiful, I remember I was worried that maybe it would change over the years and I would no longer think the same, seems an odd thought, but that was my thinking in the 5th grade.

In hindsight, looking back on my early years, although Trisha was my first crush, I had many others, well I grew up in Southern California, and you know the song, “I wish they all could be California Girls”  it is so true, California had the great weather, the beaches, lakes and it was normal, to wear a bikini, half naked was the norm. Skin so Tan, hair so blond, or highlighted.  This was my childhood.  I had the great genes, blond hair, and bronze skin, and lean, very lean, perhaps skinny, If I had grown up in Kodiak  or Washington, I would never have had the experience of life that Southern Cal gave me. I am grateful for all the Southern California peeps, making us feel welcome. We were never Natives, or when we were, it was HIP, COOL or exotic. if we had been raised in Washington, or Alaska, we would never had had the great childhoods that we had. It was wonderland. I would often get complimented on my looks growing up, my straight up answer was, it is not me its my parents, thank them, I had nothing to do with it, location location location.

lets get to the skinny, lets face it, we will never be so attracted to someone as when we are going through puberty. I had so many crushes, that I can hardly name all of them, but I will try, I love to remember the days gone by. let me see, their was of course Trisha, after grade school, I saw little of her. O there was thing before graduation from Honby, that gave me some insight to my future fun factory.

during the graduating ceremonies, I had some groupies, some girls screamed when my name was called, yeah that was it, my claim to fame, and often being compared to the teen heartthrob of the day Leif Garrett, now it is Nick Nolte, I often say “O yeah the washed up NIck :/” I loved him in rich man poor man.

Anyway, there were so many girls, too many, but here are a few of the ones that come to mind, now most of them, I had little contact with, I was very shy, unless, I had some booze in me belly, but I mostly just stared at them. lol, that was it, some I talked too, a little but most nothing but staring and loving, (lusting)

One of my favorites was Debbie Montague, I actually talked to her several times, she used to hang out by the quad, or the main lunch area, I mostly hung out in the smoking area, she was perfect, I even thought I had a chance, yet I never got any further, after being expelled after another fight. then there were the sisters, Rasmussen’s Terri and her sister Dawn, such pretty eyes, they both had boyfriends, and I never got more than 2 words in, I was a pip squeak of sorts. There was this girl Angela, she was exotic looking, Never did find her on fakebook, brown hair dark tan, so pretty. there was Vicki Vandeeventer from Hart high school, she was older and more sophisticated, dating an older dude, but so pretty. I think I talked to her a few times.  let see there was also a girl from Hart a blond beauty she is an ardent republican now, lets see….. Shannon Echols, I got to kiss her, she was so exotic, at Magic Mountain, our go to place. dancing drinking and fun  fun fun, till your daddy took your tbird away.

There was a Misty from Saugus high and another name Tonni, she worked at Tommy’s hamburger joint, I think I may have kissed her :/ not sure, she had such pretty eyes.

I did have a few girlfriends during this kid in a candy store time, let see, there was my first real Girlfriend, Melody Hight, she moved away, I was never able to find her, she had a brother named Eddie, my first real girl friend, O and I forgot another crush, Nicole from sierra Vista, she was going with John Trout, RIP.  she was a real hormone  booster. There were many one night flings, or day flings, I was very active, I was living the dream, Peter Pan, oblivious to anything but myself and having fun.  I can not go without mentioning one of my favorites, Holly Wills, she had me head over heels, We hooked up and talked on the phone for “sessions” but were both wild childs of the 70’s, we were not to be tamed, not yet. there was another Holly Degnan, she was a Sand Canyon Beauty, also her bestie who still holds her beauty today Wendy Ellerd, she still looks Marvelous. I can not go without mentioning a pal of the time, Terri Baker, she was a fiery girl, always pretty dark hair dark eyes, I wanted to kiss her so badly, she was more into Marcell, me friend Marc, the Golden One. such fun remembering them girls, there were many more, but those were the ones I remember off the top of my head, O wait 2 more, there was my high school prom GF, whom  I failed miserably, Sherry Warner from Granada Hills, a good girl, but I got lots of kisses, she was a beauty, there was my drinking buddy, Louise Braim, we loved the drink, both of us had some good times, I wish I could find out what happened to her.

So many stories yet to tell, to be continued. to this day, I feel grateful for growing up in Southern California, baseball, swimming, bikinis, Magic Mountain, beaches, lakes, motorcycles, skateboards.  I should do a piece on my friends of the time, the Dupuis family, Moody, and more, I actually had trust, or lack of motives, after all, I was free and oblivious to what the future was to bring.

O eye almost forgot

This piece was about beauty, my hormones have waned, but my love of beauty has not.

much different now, most of us have aged beyond the beauty of youth, I have, not Wendy, or Wendy, forgot Melton, O yeah and the Brodigan sisters, Colene and her blond sister, more crushes, there were more. so many crushes, so powerful as a child.

life has a way of stealing our innocence and youthful beauty, it has shown in many faces of those i mention, including myself, but some have become more pretty, pretty souls, a far more precious commodity.

Yes, I still see beauty in youth, but it is tempered with experience, I know what they may become, life is brutal and some, it is only youthful beauty they shall ever have.. sad but true, it is fleeting, like the wind. they are but a candle in the wind.

for me, my attraction has not really changed, the young ones still look pretty, but in a different way, a flower blooms, so do they, like a newborn baby, smiles at life, they are beauty. I find beauty in true kindness, goodness for goodness sakes. like santa.

No I still am attracted not to they youth, but the youthful, the  women of education, of sophistication, love of life,  that only comes with experience.

here is a example, Condoleezza Rice, now she is attractive, not my type. But to hear her speak, WOW, she personifies what true beauty is to me. she seems so nice too, I do not sense a vindictive bone in her body, that is where I see true beauty, the outside is just that, the Outside a shell, the inside, that is what true beauty comes from. Nothing more sexy than intelligence.

I feel sad, when I see the people of today, still doing the cleavage things and the makeup, now I know that part is fun, o do eye 😉 but  really it saddens me, to see especially my nieces or young girls who let society put such  price on the wrong kind of beauty.  I am not judging just voicing an opinion, like assholes, we all have them.

On anohter note, I detest nose rings and lip rings, and dont get me started on those ear stretching deals. sorry had to vent, well not had too, but wanted to.

I always loved some classy earrings the golden loops always have been my favorite, but he giant ones worn, they just look silly, but dont let an old man’s dumb opinion sway  your love  of ear weights.

that is enough of my bullshit

Hey on a good note, I get to throw the baseball today, at least I have been invited.  I will let you know how it goes,  hope i dont get the covid and die.