Well got the roof framed and almost ready for inspection, I do need to rethink my business model, breaking even is not as desired as you would expect :/

I read this article in JLC light Construction about billing cost plus, and I think that is the way I need to go, this and charging for estimates, I have been using square ft pricing and it works, until they change all the variables.

that is work, I am thinking about posting on my 2tribes site about this last project.  I am pretty much breaking even, only without being able to pay myself, but cover my expenses to  live on this earth, and not new tools, I did have to buy a new Sawzall, or reciprocating saw, cuz I dropped me old one, a few two many times, the last one cracked its skull, well its case and broke the handle.

I am pretty tired right now, exhausted, I worked a half day yesterday, well 6 hours, but got everything lined up for victory. the roof next, but now I have to load the shingles by me own self. o fk

well it will build my character a little. they so floppy and flimsy, the price of shingles is more than the labor to install them now. this inflation is killing me. I should be basking in greenbacks, now I am in the hole with home depot and me trusty credit card;/

I guess that I am supposed to be grateful for not having to wear a mask anymore or for not being in a war or starving to death in Africa billions to Ukraine

ok that enough wine.

somehow I have to get enough energy to bring gilbert his old phone, at least he doesnt have to work anymore, although I love to build, but not as much fun, when you getting bill collections all the time from medical bullshit, crooks

I’m tired.

it does feel good to be tired, and resting, the weekend comes and goes pretty fast, I feel like I’m working a 40 hour construction job, working my arse off for a  paycheck, spending the paycheck on Monday and waiting for the next one.

being this tired makes a steak taste suprema, and milk like liquid ice cream 🙂

I think I shall do a song, well a cover of a chorus, Richard’s chorus covers :/




So I was thinking about this whole philosophy thinking bullshit mindset nonsense, and I heard something about how it is about how things “should be” and not how they are.

This is true, and how does one survive not assimilating to how things are? going with the flow, following the crowd, joining a cause, fight abortion, hate abortion, no guns all guns.

we all have our views on bullshit that does not even effect us. well maybe it does, what is the cost American tax payers pay for abortions?  is it more than we gave to Ukraine?


I dont care anyway. pay or not pay, to me, its pre-life, I am pro life, its life, well not until it can survive outside the womb, which can be soon, how soon how the f do I know 🙂 just kidding I dont see all the fuss, how many people are marching against women who are raped and molested in having an abortion, who are these nut cases demanding that they keep the baby?  and how many women are demanding a paid for abortion when the baby can almost walk? why are women getting pregnant? are they ignorant or just too horny, or are they stupid, nobody seems to be asking this question, but truth be told, most people are blah on this subject. what is wrong with the American press, The News, they are a bunch of dividers. why dont we just pay for vasectomies’ and tubal ties? i mean if a horny man or woman cant stop themselves, then maybe get fixed, end of problem.  OR here is an Idea, Educate,Educate and then Educate some more.  who is paying for all this schooling, when in fact they are just sheep being conditioned to be “free” slaves.

ahhah I know I like to see the truth, we are slaves to rent and mortgages.

am tired, just had some eggs, I think I need to eat more eggs, I get this thing, where my skin feels thicker, and has other symptoms,  pesky but not too bad, but pesky.

well like usual have noting to say, let me see….

O O I was thinking, how many people are out there stuck, stuck in their lives, in a kind of flux, like in a space warp, not liking their lives, but not hating it either?

how would one change? some people just run off and disappear, that the homeless, are they free tribesman?

I wonder, think back to the days of genghis Khan, or an ancient peoples, living on the European landscape, or the American Indian, as an example, how is their lives today, compared to life of the World slave ship?  how comparable was living in the days of versun geteriks? except he was killed by cesar, but what was life like before they were assimilated by the romans?

EYE wonder, what was tribal life like?  are we happier, does anyone care? I just do not know. I know now, that most of my relationships are facebook, and maybe a text, except for sweet Mary and Jt. other than facebook, nothing else, well I have my posts, and my work, but that not the same.  I have to come up with a plan. a plan to be able to visit, maybe interact enhance other people lives, not just my own, I think, I have traveled light years from whence I came. I can laugh at my life ignorance of past years, now. but often it was not so funny hahah

I do run my pie hole on too much at times, having an  fun moment 🙂  I am afraid, well not really, that i have alienated anyone and everyone who subscribes to the sheep life.  I say rise people, rise, rid the world of these democrats and republicans, vilify them for the sheep they have become. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaa

you know what, I am missing the trump hate speeches and post these days, they are way more welcome than the mask mandates, the gas prices and OSB inflation, I had this one punk posting on my fb, telling me that I am Native and need to vote for democrats, it will be in my best interest, when? whey they start the war with Russia, on land that was traditionally Russian? does that mean your going to give Alaska back to the natives?

I like to go to the far side, I know some people will be offended, that I am not a good American sheepster. what do I advocate?  nothing, nada, just want to be left alone…..

I have always been proud to be American, well until I watched the news, until I listened to hate for the star of the apprentice.

im tired.

i bought a couple more lottery tickets, I dont check them for awhile, then I can think of what I would do with the money 🙂

its fun to imagine, the most fun can be had in our minds, true blue story 😉

I know I should not blast the political people, as they only have one choice, red or blue.

and they are all good people, well all is a stretch, but just people trying to be a part of our great system of slavery, I just can not help myself. working my fingers to the bone…

really I like the work, I often wonder how hard the Viking long ship builders worked. can you imagine sailing in those ships,  how much food could they carry, not much.

im tired.  I ready to build another one ;/

maybe time for some popcorn.

devils advocate, I try to see all sides, I have not side, just a lost soul of atlantis side.


I have not conviction beyond having a happy existence, this is our group, the people and alive on this planet are our people, our time, a fraction of time as we know it, we are blip, not even a blip in something we know nothing of, the end the beginning, we can believe whatever we want, but that does not make it true.  we can have faith, but make sure it is what you believe, or want to believe.

know that no matter what, you have now, this moment this time right now

I like to spend my time now, reminiscing about the past, the future, and just smelling the roses, now, soaking them in like a sponge dipped in red wine.

I try to make all my interaction with humans be pleasant, for both of us

I like to say what I think maybe wrong, but it is what we have.

my fleeting existence has been a great adventure, yet I thirst for more, I thirst for more of the same.

much more  I am greedy, greedy for adventure.

thatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttts allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll foooooollllllllkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks