Yesterday, when I started to edit this site I realized that I had many many post on here, wth, time flies when you just type, without and worry about the grammar or if it even makes sense.) Maybe I lazy, or maybe I’m just like my mother, or maybe I’m just like my father, love that song.

I added pictures to half of them, then got tired of that mundane task, much easier to do it as I type this dribble drabble. I have been under intense internet attacks, they got into my computer last night, hopefully I cleaned them out. had a Mac logged on from Texas, but with VPN, who knows where they were, looks like they assessed my Amazon account, be wary folks, never respond to any email with your password, EVER.  if you  are concerned, delete it and log on to your account directly. I am tying to write my story as time allows, and WE never know when it is time to head up to THE SPIRIT IN THE SKY. so much to write about. I have had a tough life at times, but you know what, I would not trade it for all the tea in China. For me to go from a shark like mentality to an almost empathetic, yeah almost, as I am still me, you can take the fisherman from the island, but not the island from the fisherman. haha I think it is different, but you get the point. Self awareness is the key to happiness for me. The other key is being able to see the side of everyone, everywhere at all times, to see where they are coming from, sometimes it makes a big difference and sometimes…… not. sometimes you just have to agree to disagree, I do not waste time trying to change minds, that is not my job, and if it was, I QUIT