just doing a little procrastination, yes it is true. do you love me. do I love me? which is more important? do you like me? do eye like me? simple questions. do you know the answer? why is it that people that love you, also hurt you? I can usually assess who like me by asking about, how, where and the nuts and bolts of their upbringing. We like people and things that we can relate to. This has been a part of my psyche, being liked, I love being liked. why? cuz were pack animals. That is why we thrive and survive. We gravitate toward our ideal “pack” or not. The problem arises, when we pick the wrong pack. Leader create pack and followers follow packs. we are a pack animal, just edumacated and we use our thumbs. playing baseball, I tried to find a pack that would fit my persona, well that did not work out, so I created my own pack. we won 2 championships. I worked for good companies, but bad ones too, being another one of the sheep, has not been my strong suit. if I see injustice, I squawk like a chicken about to have his head cut off. jk, It has taken me many years to realize that it is far more Important to love and like yourself. The main problem with packs is they are compromised of individuals, who put themselves over the pact, which is human nature, but not good for the pack. This is a fine line. just like any job, or pack, you need to embace the pack mentality, with an eye on your own health. im just ramblijng now.