Well, I for one am sick of all the political bs, yes even my own, but I feel a need to whine, or for some wine.

I do believe it is an eye  for an eye now, the whole fraud at election, stole the election propaganda, but on the other hand, all is fair in love and WAR.

I am more concerned at how biased our Media, and deceitful it has become. We subscribe to the Local rag, yet, there is little fairness, half the paper is filled with columnist that are on the democratic sticker side, these are ok, in the editorial, but they are filled through the  paper in the way of legitimate NEWS. biased news is not Legitimate.

it I did not love drinking my morning coffee every morning with a paper in my hand, we would cancel, and say goodbye forever the shitty paper delivery, that is often under the car or worse.

The typical paper, has no News, except regurgitated news from the Constant repeated NEWS from all the Major Networks.

where is the real new, how many people died yesterday of heart attacks, stokes, how many people shot in the city, robbed?

Are we still just like the sheep that Outlawed Marijuana Decades ago?  or were vilified into outlawing Booze, only to see the Gangsta life flourish and drinking continue, unabated?

The Mask deal is a sham, Social Distancing, is real, I doubt if that mask is going to save you, unless it is medical grade, like the doctors and Nurses wear, if your in daily contact with someone infected, even then, Doctors, Nurses and med professionals are being infected regardless. I was in our supermarket the other day, and some dickhead, comes up to me telling which buttons to push, really your that fucking controlling or needy, you need to stalk the self-checkout, for people that dont push the buttons fast enough? I told him
“GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME” just like that, he whimpered and disappeared,  I know I already mentioned this, but it just shows the stupidity of people, not only people, but big businesses. COVID and he is unnecessarily getting up close and personal, yeah I had a mask and he had a face shield, but do you think I believe everything spewed from the NEWS, fuck NO.

this guys spit could have infected me through my cotton mask, that is not all, Look at the dumb ass Airports, Social distancing in all the lines leading up to the plane and no separation between passengers on the plane, BLATANT,stupidity

home depot and walmart are probably the biggest winners, in all of this, well not to mention the pharmaceutical companies, they will own America and half the World after this is over, if it ever is, I h8t to be  a conspiracy type, but I can’t help thinking this is all leading up to something far  worse, WAR some kind of internal strife, that can not be stopped by a the “National Guard” ok that is enough of that, 1 more thing

The whole voting thing is being focused around, fraud, but I seriously do not think, it is at the election level, but at  a more systemic level. I was a Union Carpenter in Alaska, trained, worked and was proud to say I was, here in Arizona, the Carpenter Union, is made up of mostly Illegal Immigrants, not trained very well, but raking in the Federal dollars, on all the jobsites, my original reason for this was that the Companies, did not have to pay them benefits, they just cyclesd them through,  I thought this when I decided to hire a couple, they could not speak any english, well maybe 10 words. The coupled with the fact, that they denied my benefits, even though I had transferred from Alaska. The worst I saw was at Intel, it was a shit show, they made rules, regardless of the material size, say a 1.5×1.5×10′ stick of angle, had to be carried by 2 people, regardless of weight. I had been trained to carry, and often did carry whole bundles of 16 gauge studs from place to place  on the job. “these untrained workers, did not even know how to properly carry drywall, there were hundreds of them on every jobsite. Ok, enough of my bitching, the point is, I am sure these were not legal, but I bet they all were casting ballots, collecting checks. that would be the first place to look for voter fraud, I hope we are not that stupid.

regardless, I do believe Trump is only giving what he got, four years of impeachment, bullshit, and all the while, making jobs for Americans.

Arizona has made a mockery of the working  man, specifically the Carpenter Union. Pride in building has been my life, I love to build, I used to love being a productive Framing Machine, now it is relegated to the lowest level of picking cotton, or low level workers, that are being replaced with cheap migrants, who only do one thing, all day long, not like the Alaskan training, they train carpenters to be Builders, plans, blueprints, all aspects, hopefully you THE PEOPLE See what is happening to our lives. This is all condoned by the Powers that be.  THE POliticians, the Democrats, and Republicans. wow that  was toxic. ok let me see if I can share something not so ugly. Never forget what Marijuana meant. how we were duped, yeah its a stupid drug, but not a gateway drug anymore than coffee.